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Repair guides for many Nikon SLR and point-and-shoot cameras.

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How can I do the factory reset?

My Nikon Coolpix S4300 won't charge the battery anymore, and I can't power on the camera.

How can I do the factory reset or Is there a reset button inside?

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My Nikon coolpix L29 shows me write protected memory card....while I install memory card of all times and all time


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There are several reasons why your camera's battery may not charge, and none of these will be affected by such a thing as a factory reset (if such a thing even exists on this camera).

  • The battery might be dead (worn or damaged)
  • The camera's USB socket (which is also used for charging) might be worn or dodgy
  • The USB cord might be bad
  • The charger might be bad.

You can do the following:

  • Check if the camera will charge with any other USB charger (for a phone or tablet, they are interchangeable)
  • Check if the camera will charge from a computer's USB port
  • Check if the camera will charge using a different USB cord

If none of this works:

  • Take out the battery, clean its contacts with a pencil eraser and reinsert. Try if it will charge.
  • Delicately wiggle the USB connector in the camera's USB port. If the camera charges (intermittently) the USB port may be dodgy or damaged. This is a common problem with micro-USB ports on many devices.
  • Replace the battery with a new one or a spare if you have one.

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I tried it all, unfortunately didn't work.

I bought a new battery, replaced the cable, connected into the computer USB.


@maddogx In that case, the problem is most likely with the camera's USB port, or the charging circuitry. But there may also be a more drastic defect in the camera's power circuitry that could prevent the battery from charging.

Now you have a dilemma: Nikon does have an external charger for this type of battery. This could solve your problem, costing most likely less than having the camera repaired. But if the problem is with the camera's power circuitry, the external charger will not be the right solution: most likely, the battery would quickly drain as soon as you put it into the camera. So it's a bit of a gamble.

Maybe the best solution is to take the camera to a reputable repair service and ask for a quote.


@flyingdutchman I think that the problem is a firmware bug, that I can fix with a new firmware from Nikon, but even with a battery charged the camera doesn't power on and I did some reading around and find a website that the guy just disassembled the camera and push a reset button inside, just like a repair service will do.

But I lost the website address, and the other thing is I'm in Brazil and doesn't have a repair service in my state and it's expensive.

Do you have a tutorial how to disassemble this camera ?

Thanks a lot for your help


@maddogx I've honestly never heard of reset buttons in cameras, the ones that I've taken apart certainly did not have one.

I just did a web search forcoolpix s4300 reset and basically the only thing that came up was your question here on ifixit.

But, I did find the camera's service manual

EDIT: well I thought I did, but apparently it was for an older model, the 4300 without the S.


My Coolpix S3300 camera is not display ing image while taking the picture plz help me with that problem..


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Is there a way to reset the # of photos taken back to 1 on a Nikon Coolpix P500 camera?

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