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Apple's fourth-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 21, 2018.

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Taptic engige or antenna replacement?

Hello. while replacing a battery for Apple watch serie 4 40 mm i damaged a part that sits on the taptic engine.
Looks like is not part of the Taptic Engine though, because is not connected.
It looks more like an antenna board to me. Could you please help me identify the part, and in case help me to find a seller or that?
I searched everywhere and i can't fiund it for sale.
If I look for taptic engine, that part doesn't come with.

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There is a coax connection on the Taptic unit. The cable incomes around from the case side which you can see in the video in the Apple Watch Series 4 Taptic Engine Replacement guide. So you will need to replace the part and if you damaged the cable end that too.

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Yes i saw and followed that video and the coax socket is what i broke.

So.. any idea what's the name of the little part and or where i can find it for sale in Europe?


@jacopocanova - it’s part of the Taptic Engine part. Sorry I don’t know where in the EU to find it.


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@jacopocanova you can get those connectors from Mouser.com in Europe as well, This link is for the US site but the same mouser part numbers apply for the european stores. Parts are inexpensive but Mouser is expensive shipping so you may want to shop around any of the major electronic parts store. I believe Farnell in the UK carries those as well.

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The Apple Watch Series 4 is nearing iPhone levels of reparability, with the highly-glued display being the primary remaining obstacle. Beyond that, they say the battery is straightforward to replace. Thanks.

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