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Вот некоторые основные инструменты, используемые для работы на данном устройстве. Вам, возможно, не понадобиться каждый инструмент для каждой процедуры.


Circuit board

Power Supply

Coin Detector

Joy Sticks


Bridge assembly

The claw


Some common tools used to work on this device include but aren't limited to...

Phillips #1 screw driver


Precision Tweezers

Tech knife

Six inch metal ruler

Durable tool roll

Magnetic pickup bit


For any additional help, check out the troubleshooting page.

The Claw Troubleshooting

Background and Identification

The Claw Candy Grabber is a joystick operated toy and candy crane arcade game. Its 10" x 7.5" x 13.5" design provides the means for hours of fun for children ages 5 and up. There is approximately a time frame of 60 for gameplay each round. The device runs off of 3 - D sized batteries. Moderate difficulty.

Additional Information

YouTube video: AWESOME claw machine - Claw game unboxing and review - Tuxx Toys

The Claw: As Seen on TV

YouTube video: How To Fix A Mini Claw Machine 100% Working! - Arcade Warrior

Amazon Product Page

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