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The 6 red blink code on Sony is usually a fail safe on the main board for plasmas... Usually set off by power surges brown outs and dirty electricity, this is done to prevent fires and further component damage so the customer will send the unit into Sony to get its components checked. This is a unique feature for Sony plasmas as they are carrying a high amount of electricity.  Google or YouTube Sony Bravia reset.  You will need a compatible Sony remote to perform the reset.  I have fixed 3 2012 models and one 2011 from the 6 blink code using this method and 3 of those units have been functioning great after 6 months.  A lot of repair shops easily misdiagnose it as a power board issue... Guess they don't know how to use google. And there is usually nothing physically wrong with 6 blink tvs it's just Sony trying to cover their ass at the time so there was  not a recall since they were losing money on production when the units came out, similar to the PS3.  hope this helps you all out ifixit community.       - Brandon