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Оригинальный сообщение: steve ,


I HAVE SOLVED THE SHORTING OUT PROBLEM OF THE RADIO SHORTING OUT, FLASHING, RESETTING, OR JUST PLAIN NOT WORKING!!!  It is in the radio, behind the buttons.  After six months of listening fools tell me to connect and disconnect, change fuses, etc, and pulling my hair, i finally removed the radio.  using a star set of drivers i removed the front panel of the radio, and then the green board on the back of that panel, looking for dirt or bad connections.  i found two flat, square, gold contact points on the green panel.   there were tow very thin metal contacts on the button board that corresponded to these contact points.  i noticed the metal was bent very far down, so i very gently placed a tiny screwdriver behind the contacts and gently bent them forward, where they would make a better contact with the little squares.  i screwed the radio back together, re-installed it, and BAM.  worked like a champ.  lights, buttons, switches, the works.  i'm going to go take a ride now and listen to my radio -- on ALL the stations.