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Оригинальный сообщение: Blair Churchill ,


No Power after update


My sister has tasked me with repairing her school laptop

It is a Dell Inspiron 5755 (P28E002).  Since she performed an update, it will no longer power on.

I tried battery removal power on. I tried Battery Only. I reseated the ram, I checked all connections.  I have tried discharging flea power and rebooting. The power adapter is less than 6 months old, and is testing with the correct output.

I am able to get the fan to spin and get the power light to blink by holding END and powering on, but it goes no further than that. J

My suspicion is the motherboard is fried but I am really hoping I missed something. If I haven’t, then my follow up question will be whether someone has a motherboard at a decent price, and if the processor is removable on this model (Dell part number 1N0C6''')'''


Dell Inspiron 17-5755