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washskins59, it is posible that it is your motor, or your regulator binding. Try this first" POWER WINDOW MOTOR TEST

If the power window motor is receiving proper current and ground and does not operate, proceed with motor test. Refer to the appropriate wiring information.

(1) Remove front door trim panel and sound pad as necessary to gain access to power window motor wire connector,

(2) Disconnect power window motor wire connector from door harness.

(3) Using two jumper wires, connect one to a battery (+) source and the other to a good ground (-).

(4) Connect the Negative (-) jumper probe to one of the motor connector terminals.

(5) Momentarily touch the Positive (+) jumper probe to the other motor connector terminal.

When positive probe is connected the motor should rotate in one direction to either move window up or down. If window is all the way up or down the motor will grunt and the inner door panel will flex when actuated in that one direction.

(6) Reverse jumper probes at the motor connector  terminals and window should now move in opposite direction. If window does not move or grunt, replace the motor.

If window moved completely up or down, reverse the jumper probes and cycle window to the opposite position to verify full operation.

If motor grunts and does not move, verify that regulator is not binding"

If that is okay, you want to check the switch

"(1) Remove the desired switch to be tested from the door trim panel. Driver’s side (master) or passenger side.

(2) Using an ohmmeter, Test driver door switch for



If you do need a new window motor, or regulator, check these instructions out. WINDOW REGULATOR - POWER REMOVAL


(1) Remove the watershield.

(2) Remove door glass retaining clips and secure the window in the up position using masking tape or equivalent.

(3) Disconnect wire connector from power window motor, if equipped.

(4) Loosen screws attaching front and rear window guide rails to inner door panel.

(5) Remove screw heads on guide rails from key hole slots in inner door panel.

(6) Loosen screws attaching regulator to inner door panel.

(7) Remove regulator from inner door panel.

(8) Extract rear guide rail through inner door panel rear access hole

(9) Extract front guide rail through front access hole.


Hope this helps, good luck.