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This laptop from HP was released in November of 2011. It has a 17.3" display and and comes in either silver or nero black. A notable feature of this model is its dual subwoofer sound system.

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My computer is getting extremely hot, what's going on?

I was right smackdab in the middle of watching "White Chicks", and I noticed my computer is super hot. This happened the other day too when a message popped up telling me the computer was getting too hot, then it shut down. Do I just need to turn it off for a while or is something broken?

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That's my favorite movie! The problem could be that your fan assembly is not working properly and needs to be replaced. Your fan might just have accumulated a lot of dust and needs to be cleaned. If your fans are making a lot of noise and whirring loudly, that might be an indicator that you are close to overheating.

There is a guide on how to do replace your fan assembly at the following link: HP Envy 17-3070nr Fan Assembly Replacement

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If your Laptops fan is still operating (but sounds faster and louder), then before you open the laptop a good tip first is to buy a can of compressed air.

Remove the battery, remove any back covers you can without removing any internal components, stand the laptop on it side in the open position, use the compressed air blowing through the keyboard (do this outside) you will be amazed at how much comes out.

This is worth a try before going through the process of stripping it down.


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