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Announced on October 16, 2014, the iPad Mini 3 is the successor to the iPad Mini Retina (now known as the iPad mini 2).

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Replaced Digitizer & LCD - Now iPad Dead?

Hi All,

As the title says , got my first iPad Mini 3 here , replaced the digitizer following the instructions on iFixIt ........ all went without a hitch.

Managed to transfer original home button over to the replacement too!

Switched it back on after repair .......... Doh! Cracked the LCD! :( :(

Replaced the LCD ......... all worked fine until the iPad went flat (it was very flat when the client brought it to me)

Now I can't get ANYTHING out of it at all , have left it on charge for several hours , tried multiple chargers and genuine Apple Lightning cables , double checked connections for the LCD and digitizer etc ....... Totally bizarre!!

Anyone seem anything like this? Point me in the right direction before I tell the customer I've broke their ipad? :P

Thanks in advance!!!

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You may have shorted out the backlight filter when removing the LCD if the battery was still connected. I have seen similar issues on earlier versions of the iPad Mini but never on the Mini 3 (yet)

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Thanks for that , Surely if I had shorted the backlight though i'd still be able to get a computer to recognise the iPad , or make it vibrate or make sound when plugged in?? (Can't get any of this either, totally dead!)


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I have the same problem. Have you solved in any way?

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On the iPad Mini 3 it could be a blown backlight filter.

It's very common to happen on this model because the connector pins for the screen are small while the metal plating on top of the connector is massive making it a PITA to align and fit in without damaging the connector or not plugging it in fully.

To verify this you can shine a flashlight on the screen and see if there is a dim display. Also test with the old screen if it is at least partially functioning just in case.

Make sure to keep battery unplugged before and after plugging in screen cables.

If the screen just flashes display for a second then dim it's bad backlight for that one.

For OP:

It also sounds like the charging chip may be faulty on the iPad too.

An iPad that can't charge flat batteries indicate a bad charging chip.


Thank you Ben, but I have a different story despite the problem is the same. If you want you can help me here: iPad Mini dead after digitizer replacement

Thank you for your time :)


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