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Samsung Galaxy Core I8260 & I8262 Android smartphone. Announced May 2013.

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New backlight doesn't work...

The LCD from my Samsung Galaxy Core was broken, I planned to replace it. But after installing it it didn't work, well it looked like that. The backlight didn't work. So now is my problem turned around. Does anyone know how to fix this? I already compared both the LCDs but it looks just the same... Or is there maybe a way to combine the two LCDs in one working LCD, maybe any other options?

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Can you please post a link to where you bought the part?


For Samsung Galaxy Core i8260 Duos i8262 New LCD Display Panel Monitor Screen Repair Replacement Part With Tracking Number


(from AliExpress Android)

Here you go


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Have you tried running with the screen seperate from the unit, I mean the cables free and the screen laid flat.Just wondering if you are nipping a cable or a very minor short is occuring.If it works ok, try squeezing along the cable while its on to see if it goes off, then you know its a cable prob.

1. Step #1

Head to Google Play and download Galaxy Button Lights on your Galaxy S6/S6 edge.

2. Step #2

After the app has landed on your device and open it up. You can either re-adjust the "on time" for the capacitive keys by adjusting the slider and pressing the "Save button backlight behavior" option.

3. Step #3

You can also opt to keep them always on..

4. Step #4

.. Or keep a low profile and turn them off completely. Remember that you always need to tap the "Save button backlight behavior" button at the bottom.

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@marlonbrando I don't have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and I don't have problems with the buttons, but can you explain the first part that you had written a bit more briefly?



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