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The ASUS ZenPad 3S 10 is a 9.7-inch tablet in the ZenPad line released by ASUS in October 2015. Model: P027.

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Screen doesn't respond to touch

Hi there,

The touch screen was working as normal when I started using the tablet. Some minutes after I found out by chance that part of the screen was cracked.

A bit after, the upper half of the touch screen stopped working. I restarted the device and the upper half continued bot working so I restarted it again and the whole touch screen stopped responding.

So, after many restarts, the display works, and I can see the lock screen but it doesn't respond to touch. The volume up/down and the home button still work.

Thanks a lot for any help (and sorry for such a long description).

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You could easily change the screen looking youtube videos (if you have some experience) and buying on ebay 50€ more or less the screen.

You should be very careful replacing the screen, you must put glue to stick it very well, like it was, if not you could break it again. It’s very delicate.

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