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HP Pavilion dv6-1245dx Entertainment laptop computer, manufactured by Hewlett-Packard in 2009.

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Computer won't power on.

So, my mom needs an older computer. I own some laptops from the late Vista, early 7 era. I gave my mom my Pavilion Dv6-1245dx. I put a fresh install of Windows 7 on it (only because I didn't have a Windows 10 flash drive ready) and then I realized that I forgot to install Office. I went to install Microsoft Office, the computer didn't start. It powered on, but the screen was off (I didn't even get the HP invent logo). Sometimes the Caps Lock and Num Lock lights are stuck on, sometimes their stuck off. The charging light is flashing (the battery doesn't work) the power light is on, and the HP logo on the back is lit-up. The laptop won't even beep. I tried reseating the RAM. Still nothing. I gave my mom my other Dv6-1245dx but the broken laptop worked better. So what can I do to fix this? Or should I just give up on this, I mean, the laptop is 10 years old.

Any help is appreciated!

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You could troubleshoot the LCD screen, buy and install a new keyboard, and purchase a new battery. But these fixes may end up costing more than the laptop is worth since it is so old. And if it won’t beep, there may also be something wrong with the BIOS.

I would buy a new laptop if I were you.

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