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Apple's fourth-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 21, 2018.

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What is this part for?

I’m 13 years old and trying to take responsibility for breaking my Apple watch by fixing it myself.

I have the screen replacement, but this part came out of my watch. I think it is the force touch sensor, but I wanted to double check.

EDIT: My screen replacement is below. It is off-brand.

If possible could I get some help?

Block Image

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If you review Step 8 in this Teardown of the Watch you’ll see the pictured part is not the ForceTouch sensor Apple Watch Series 4 Teardown

As to what it is would be tough as there is not enough information in the image to gain a sense of scale or understanding the parts construction.

Using the teardown can you see what it is.

Update (03/05/2023)

@ebp049x - OK, was out enjoying the day sorry for not piping up sooner.

The display assembly is made up of a collection of discrete elements the crystal glass, the touch plate, the OLED screen, the backplate which holds the NFC chip.

What I see is a bunch of mangled parts and you still have part of the display assembly attached to the watches body.

You will need to get a new display assembly to fix this. Here’s the guide which also has the parts info Apple Watch Series 4 Screen Replacement

Apple Watch Series 4 Изображение


Apple Watch Series 4 Teardown



Apple Watch Series 4 Screen Изображение


Apple Watch Series 4 Screen Replacement



1 - 2 hours

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It is part of the screen, which is not disassembled in the teardown.


That's the touch screen. Don't worry about it.


If I do not reapply it or do not purchase a replacement, will anything on the watch be affected?


@ebp049x That is already on the replacement screen. Nothing to worry about. Good luck with the repair.


I posted an update


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