iFixit Battery Compatibility and IC's on Ribbon Cable

First some specs:

iPod iTouch, before shut down I got the model number: PD058LL/A v 6.16 (10B500)
Old battery APN: 616-0552
Old Battery VPN: P 11GC5-01-S01T
New battery APN: 616-0553
New battery VPN: LIS1458APPC

iFixit P/N's on the box: 85653088

Wife bought this battery from iFixIt for her old iPod, and said "here you go, fix it." :-D

Issue #1: Polarity markings on the cable are reversed, exactly as described here. With a mag glass I can see the + and - are opposite on the ribbon if I install the battery with the printed side up. I can see if I install the battery with the printing facing down in the case, the + and - will properly align, but this puts the ribbon cable on the other side of the iPod case, not the original position. Is this acceptable?

Issue #2: The original battery has a few micro IC's directly on the battery ribbon, the new battery does not. Will this battery work without these IC components?

In the below you can see I have not de-soldered the old ribbon but can see the polarity of the old battery, as well as the IC's on the old ribbon.

Block Image

Block Image

iPod touch (4th Gen) Battery Изображение


iPod touch (4th Gen) Battery


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For those still fixing these old bricks: confirmed here that the 0553 that is sold on this site is the incorrect battery, and they don't even sell the correct one. The pic they show is for an 0550. The correct battery ends in 0552.

iFixit offers zero product support and tells you to come to this forum, which usually goes unanswered. The don't even sell the correct battery, the 0552, on this site. There return policies are ridiculous. You have to submit an RMA, "you may" be charged a $5 restocking fee, and I'm guessing since I had to open the package to check the battery it falls under their clause in which they may not honor a return. The effort involved to return a $10 item far exceeds it's worth, which I'm sure is exactly how they planned it. I'll use it for one of my electronics projects and call it a day.


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