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1.4GHz or 1.6GHz Processor / 64GB or 128GB SSD

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MacBook Air, Keyboard, Trackpad

The Keyboard and Trackpad are unresponsive.

Here are the things I have tried over the past few months.

1- Update OS X to Yosemite

2- Reset PRAM

3- Reset SMC

4- Replaced Cable from Keyboard to Motherboard

5- Replace TrackPad

6- Replaced Keyboard

7- Updated Firmware

The power button is intermittently responsive.

I have to start the MacBook Air by shorting two contacts on the logic board.

I have disconnected the battery and reconnected.

Does the battery play a role in grounding or completing a circuit?

Are their hardware troubleshooting steps I can take?

I have also run the AHT and checked the system report, both state the computer passed inspection.

Any suggestions? Or resolutions?

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At some point I gave up on this Mac and subsequently lost the screws for the lower body. I ordered and received screws yesterday. I put them in and bottom is secure, looks great.

Today, TrackPad and Keyboard stopped working once again.

I have this suspicion it is a grounding issue. Even so, I would not have any idea how to fix it.

Suggestions? or Fixes? Why would that make any kind difference?


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Was there a liquid spill resulting in undetected logic board damage?

Since the machine force boots (and you've replaced all the usual suspect parts) I believe either you've damaged the keyboard ribbon connector, or not completely aligned and inserted the ribbon cable - its a tricky task (track-pad and power button also run through this).

There is a cam lock on that connector it must be unlocked before removal and relocked after. A technique I found useful is to use some blue painters masking tape to create a sort of handle or strap that allows me to lift and guide the ribbon back fully into the connector.

If you've damaged the ribbon cable connector either a computer/small electronics shop (or someone skilled in logic board component repair) must replace it, or, the usual DIY solution would be to replace the damaged logic board.

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