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Repair guides and support for laptops by Lenovo.

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g40 dead black sceen how to fix it

flash bios lenovo g40-70 fail and black screen, how to fix it>

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maxmansur I'd start with a live boot from something like Hirens Boot CD or Ultimate Boot CD. Both of those include BIOS tools which you may be able to use to reinstall the old BIOS. You could even try to install the new BIOS again.

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how to run it!! my laptop black screen only, i can't choose any option, what the key I must press???


You do not get even the Splash screen on startup?


ya, i do not get the splash screen!! help me please!!!


hi, i would like to know if u already got the solution for this black screen. actually, my lenovo g40 series have this type of problem. i've been searching for fix at Lenovo web site for days already, but I did not find the correct fix or solution. I hope u can share it with me the fix or is there any body u know that i can tap on this matter. thank you & I appreciate ur help...just incase here's my email add "harko_jurado@yahoo.com


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