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1.4GHz or 1.6GHz Processor, 64GB or 128GB SSD.

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What are the specs for the SD card reader?

I am trying to determine what kind of SD card I should buy for use with the new MBA. Will it work with Class 10 cards? Is there a maximum size for the card?


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Sorry, should have mentioned that I have ordered the 13" model.

The tech specs page simply says "SD card" and does not elaborate.


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The new MacBook Air 11" doesn't have an SD card slot.


Apple has a tech note describing the specs of the SD slot on recent Macs: About the SD card slot

The MacBook Air is not mentioned in the list of Mac models with an SD slot, but I think it fair to assume they just haven't updated yet and that those specs apply to the new 13" MacBook Air. If so, then you can use any SD card up to 32GB, and possibly larger (they are a bit vague on that).

The slot is rated for 240Mbit/sec -- which is to say, 30 MByte/sec. To run at full speed, Class 10 SDHC cards require a minimum speed of 10 MByte/sec, so the MacBook Air should easily be able to support them (and pretty much any other card).

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What is the slot on the right hand side in the sixth picture from the left? http://www.apple.com/macbookair/


An SD slot -- on the 13" model, not the 11" model.


Thanks very much!


Thank you, I just ordered a Samsung microSD 64gb card, the Pro model with Read 90MB/s and Write 80MB/s and the Nifty microSD to SD adapter, hope it does work with fullspeed on my Air!

MicroSD-card: http://www.samsung.com/us/computer/memor...

MicroSD-adapter: http://eu.minidrive.bynifty.com/


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