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The Lenovo ThinkPad X140e was released in December 2014. It is military tested against eight parameters to ensure ruggedness, durability, and quality.

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Computer heating up when charger plugged in

After plugging oin my charger, my keyboard gets unbearably hot to work with. I can feel the keyboard getting warm. Is this a problem with the fan or the charger?

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My first guess would be the fan.

My second guess would be dust in the fan or internal heatsink, or both.

My third guess is the hard drive.

The hard drive, at non-SSD models can run hot if there is something wrong with it. I'd suggest getting it into a technician to have a diagnostic on it unless you feel comfortable running certain tools yourself. (Yes, there are SOME tools you can download to test with from hard drive manufacturers)

If its the hard drive, you're risking your data. I would suggest a full backup of your data before you do anything else. Google offers 15GB free on its google drive, and dropbox will provide 2-3GB of storage which should keep MOST things safe unless you have like, a 50-100 GB MP3 library...

Check out ultimate boot CD for a simple package to test your system. (DO NOT do anything you are uncomfortable with. You COULD do more damage with some of the tools included in this package)

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