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Model A1200 with 2.16 or 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Why does my iMac suddenly restart?

I can no longer use my iMac EMC 2111. It locks up after couple of minutes. When restarting it, with holding start button..., it wount come back. The hdd spins, dvd spins and fans spins, but no picture. If I let it take a breake for an hour or so it will boot, but maybe hang in start up with grey background and Apple icon. If I let it stay over the night and restart it, it starts normally and I can use it for a minute or two, then hang or shuts down (tries to restart, but cannot)

This is a link to a picture of an error message:


Any suggestions of how to troubleshoot this one. Also get a message that I must hold the restart button until shut down to restart it. But as told I cant boot again.

Please help in any way, I have no hair left!! ;)

Thank You in advance



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I have seen a few of these where the problem was the Power Supply. Look on the 'Apple' site with the serial number of your power supply and then try to swap it out with a rebuilt unit. You can also check the outputs for their proper voltages, all listed on the apple site under 'troubleshooting'. There was a problem reported with a couple of components, that as soon as they heated up, they would short out and the PSU would shut down as a result.

According to your display of error messages, this could also be a 'wanky' memory chip that is very voltage sensitive. I would get a good D.M.M. and check the PSU first!

Good Luck.

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Thank You for quick answer! I'll check on it asap! Hope this can lead to a solution!:)




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