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Restore factory settings for clean up

Can I restore factory settings as I was given this mac from charity & want to start fresh?

Please help

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You'll need the original Grey CD/DVD's that came with your system or the retail version of the OS (has a picture of one of the great cats on it). If you don't have either you'll need to create a bootable external disk.

If you are lucky you should have a copy of the OS installer on your hard drive. Review your OS version and then do a search for 'installer' that should find it (as well as all of the others). If not you may need to re-down load it from the Apps Store. You'll need to log on to the apps Store then click on the 'Purchased' tab and locate the OS to re-download (you'll need the original owners User ID & password). If not present there you'll need to find a friend that has the CD/DVD as you won't be able to download it from Apple directly. Once you have it follow the next section steps.

Now the fun part ;-}

You'll need ideally a FireWire (fastest) or a USB drive. If you must, a USB thumb drive will work as well it will be just dog slow. With the drive connected launch Disk Utility to clean the drive off and install a GUID partition map as well as create a Mac OS Extended (Journaled) partition.

This next step is needed as the OS installers have a cross-check in them to force you to use a newer OS which we can't use in this model {OS-X Leopard (10.5.8) is as high as you can go}. Go to the date and time setting and set it to manual time then backdate the date to 2009. Restart the system to make sure its backdated. Now you can run the OS installer to install the OS onto your external drive.

Follow the instructions of the Installer just make sure you've selected the external drive. Once done reboot and hold down the Option key to select the external as the boot drive.

Run Disk Utility again to reformat the drive to clear out the old OS image and other stuff. Then you can re-install the OS like before. Again, make sure you've backdated the OS on the external drive as it uses the Internet time server as its default setting which will mess you up.

While this will get you going with a fresh OS install, you do have a problem here as this system is so old getting older apps that will run on it will be difficult. None of the newer 64bit apps will work and Apple is no longer supporting the hardware or the OS. I wouldn't spend to much time or money on it. Sorry ;-{

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Deleted my previous post. My bad, I misread your model number.

If it is a G5, and you have a DVD drive, get this from Ebay:


It should boot and let you use Disk Utility to wipe and reinstall OS X to 10.5.1.

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Pre-Installed MacOS: X 10.4.2 (8E102) Maximum MacOS: X 10.5.8



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