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The Dell Latitude E6410 is a 14" laptop released by Dell.

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My PC Overheats everytime I run heavy software

My PC Overheats everytime i run heavy software anad it just goes off when it does that. And before going off, it sometimes freezes.

1. What's the cause?

2. How can i fix?

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There are a couple of reasons your laptop is overheating:

  • Improper air circulation
    • To fix: ensure all ventilation ports are open, clear, and unblocked. This includes the sides, rear and the bottom of the device.
  • Inadequate cooling temperatures
    • The ambient temperatures are too warm. If this is the case, then make sure that the device can get fresh, cool air.
  • Inadequate Cooling device
    • This sometimes happens. The laptop is too powerful for the cooling system that its supposed to provide.
  • Dust/dirt buildup
    • Most common cause of overheating next to Improper ventilation, the best way here is to take a can of compressed air and blow it into the vent holes to clean it out.

The best thing I can recommend is that you keep it well-ventilated. It overheats due to the processor and graphics working so hard yet the cooling system can't keep up and reaches critical temperatures.

Look up a free program called OpenHardwareMonitor. It allows you to keep an eye on temperatures so that you know how high it may go before it shuts down.

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This model of laptop is getting old at this point, if you've never done it, it may be advisable to open it and see if there is any significant dust build up and clear it.

It might also be worth replacing the thermal compound on the CPU (and GPU if required)

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