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Repair information and guides for corded and cordless power drills.

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How do I open them and cell replacement

These two old Makita 1434 drill batteries have surpassed the end of their life. I was trying to get a look inside so I could replace the cells but the case has no screws, look at the pictures. There aren't any under the label either.

Their Ni-MH, so can I replace them with Li-on? As long as their the same type of cell (possibly C) it should work?

Thank you.

Block Image


Block Image


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Just a thought, after you get case apart(sonic welded/glued) take lots of pic's to aid in proper reassembly of contacts/wires/etc.


@oldturkey03 I'm still working on an answer to this...


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Press the button on the side of the battery and pull:




well there are about 8 videos on how to do this on just the first page of my search.

"can I rebuild a cordless drill battery"

Here's one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCnz9xSt...

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I know I can get them new, but it's cheaper to replace the cells and get more capacity.


Updated with Pictures.


@pccheese thanks for the accepted answer and the nudge over the finish line ;-)


Congratulations Mayer!!

That's quite an accomplishment and other than @oldturkey03 , it's (500K) pretty much out of reach for a long time to come.


@mayer congratulations buddy! This is an awesome achievement!


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@pccheese sure you can do that. here is a pretty good example on how to. Make a guide for iFixit so I have something to go by when I repair my battery

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