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The Satellite C660 is a series of laptops released by Toshiba around 2010. They have 15.6-inch screens and a variety of Intel processors.

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Laptop hinge screw Brass bushes

I’m trying to find a supplier of the small brass bushes that the screws screw into under laptop hinges etc. does anyone know who / where i can get them from? I’m constantly fixing broken hinges so want to keep a stock of spares. I’m in UK BTW.

many thanks in advance


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You mean the brass bushes which are a press-fit into the plastic shell? In my limited experience it's the plastic shell that breaks, with the result that the bush falls out. I've effected some kind of repair once or twice with 2-part epoxy glue around the broken plastic and in the hole to hold the bush in its hole.


Yes, thats the ones. I do the same using epoxy glue to 'rebuild' the broken plastic, but I have had instances where the brass bush is missing, so want to keep a stock of them so I can replace them.

Trying to find a supplier of these [in the UK] seems to be like trying to find a screw that youv'e dropped on the floor during a repair !! :-(


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A Google search for press fit threaded brass bush gave me this as top hit:


Looks pretty much like the kind of thing, and there were other hopeful hits too.

Alternatively you might be able to find a makerspace near you with the machine tools needed to make them - I guess it’d only take fairly basic machining skills.

(Yes, I know about dropping things on the floor. A few months ago a surface mount resistor pinged out of my tweezers onto the carpet. I searched for it with zero expectation of success and to my amazement , found it almost immediately! But the same afternoon, do you think I could find the watering can that I’d left somewhere in the garden?!)

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Thanks Philip, This is just what I was loking for. Will be contacting them for a quote. Guess I must have been searching for the wrong thing because 'laptop brass bushes' didn't find these guys.

Thanks again


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