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The Toshiba Satellite L305-S5946, with Onyx Blue lid and 15.4-inch LCD display, was released in the United States in 2009.

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Can somebody please tell me what happened to my computer?

So one time I was searching through the web trying to update my drives on my computer. I was looking through my manufacturer’s website and I was on Toshiba.com and then I was looking up my computers model number and when I found my computer’s model number I was starting to get the updates for my computer then I stumbled upon an update for my computer’s BIOS and so I decided to download a random file to download but it only said that it was compatible with “Windows XP, so I installed it and when it was done downloading I clicked the file on my screen and it said that it was downloading so I waited until it said to “not turn off your computer” and I actually did. (My computer only turns on with an AC cable connected to it and that’s the only way I can turn on my computer but I think the battery I have inside of my computer that does not work no more and I think I should get a new one) But anyways as soon as it told me not to unplug my computer I did and now when I connect my AC cable to my Toshiba Satelite computer, it does not turn on more and I don’t know what happened. So now that I explained everything to you guys can somebody please explain to me what happened and how I can recover my computer easily. My computer runs Windows 10 Pro on it and I upgraded the parts inside of my computer like the hard drive and the ram to make my computer more faster enough to run Windows 10 OS because my computer ran Windows Vista Basic once but not anymore.

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Likely, you damaged the firmware there’s a reason it said not to turn off, you will have to reinstall the bios, you can try unplugging battery and cmos battery for 30 minutes to see if it auto resets otherwise you’ll need to install a new firmware

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But it doesn't turn on how am I supposed to do that, can I take it to a repair center to see what really happened and find out why it happened?


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