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The Sony Vaio Fit is a single touch screen laptop that has a unique tray flip allowing for tablet style usage. The laptop’s main attributes are an Intel i7 processor and integrated graphics card with the NVIDIA GeForce GT 735M and Intel Hd Graphics 4400.

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The laptop won’t start and won’t charge

So I was using my laptop normally every day and as always turned it off before sleep. But day after it stopped working. No power, does not want to charge. I brought it to the repair shop they told me they couldn’t fix it it was a problem and i quote “Problem is with power chip”.

So I was wondering if you could help me find the chip, I would like to buy it and my try fixing it myself.

Thanks in advance

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Have you tried clearing the CMOS yet.


@aactech I personally haven’t, but I’m guessing repair shop did it.

But I can do it myself if you think it’s smart.

Thank you


Sorry for bunch of questions but i was wondering from where to buy new CMOS battery if maybe that was the thing that is not working properly. So i swap it myself

Again sorry for inconvenience and thanks in advance


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Before openning up the laptop unplug the charger.

The CMOS battery is commonly called a “coin” battery because of its size and shape and are available almost anywhere.

It is to the right of the main battery in the repair guide below:

Sony Vaio Fit SVF15N26CXB Battery Replacement

You will need to unscrew the main battery and press the button you normally press to turn on the computer to discharge all power. Then take the CMOS battery out of its holder and leave out for 15 to 30 seconds.

Put it back in its holder, but do not put the main battery in just yet. Plug in the charger and see if any lights come on and the computer boots up. If there are no lights the charger may be defective.

If it boots up O.K. then shut down and unplug the charger. Screw the main battery back in, reassemble the case and try to turn it on.

If it works you are all done.

If not then the battery maybe dead or defective. If you plug in the charger is it charging the battery?

And oh don’t even think of replacing any soldered components unless you have a few years of experience - unless you want to make a brick. <g>

Let us know how it goes.

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