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Released on February 2016, The Asus Chromebook C202 is a ruggedized device created with students in mind. It is a small laptop that can handle minor spills and drops.

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How to remove management from school chromebook

I want to use my asus chromebook C202SC for stuff like youtube and stuff but i found out its managed by an extension called “GoGuardian” later on and i can’t uninstall it so i need to unenroll.I have tried ESC+REFRESH+POWER thingy but it is still managed so can somebody help me? I have to do this because at the end of my school i will give it to my younger brother so he can use it for gaming but all websites are blocked.Please help? If so then thanks!


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Nikolas Castillo you cannot the enrollment without access to the admin console under which your Chromebook was enrolled. You cannot enter developer mode without your administrators permission. That means you will need the credentials for those administrators otherwise it’s a no go. Of course you can check on here My chromebook has an admin on it, how do I remove it? for more info

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Can I do something with the memory chip to remove all admin data?


Nikolas Castillo sorry but that is a no as well. There is nothing you can do without the admin login.


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