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The Asus ZenPad S8 is an 8-inch Android tablet by Asus. Released in June of 2015. Model number: Z580CA.

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The screen is black all the time

My tablet

I was working on migrating data to external memory

Screen froze as usual

I pressed the power button to turn it back on

The screen has gone black

and no longer working

What did you try:

1. Pressing the power button (5 10 15 20 60 ) seconds

2. Press the power button and volume up

3. Connect the charger (nothing is displayed)

4. Connect it to the computer (it shows me that something is connected qhsusb_bulk)

5. I tried charging it for an hour or more and tried to turn it on

I want to specify holidays I searched a lot on the Internet

I think it failed to boot

But why does the battery icon not appear when the charger is connected

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Can you try power+volume down?



If you're talking seriously, that doesn't work either


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If your screen is black, here what you can do to check if the machine is even running or not.
Do you see the fan running for a while, something is happening in back that you can’t see? if so, then you can try plugging any VGA or HDMI cable to see the output of the machine on another display to just isolate the issue.
in case if the output on another display works, then you know that’s just needs new display on that machine.

Not even turning on at all? such as fan or any sort of the noise that makes you feel the machine is on. If machine is not even (responding) to any activities when you press power button, it means that there is no power given, either button is not working, or adapter is not juicing the battery, so you will have to isolate the issue first to drive this troubleshooting first.

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Honey, it's a tablet

Not a laptop or computer


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