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Repair guides and documentation for the Google Pixel 5 smartphone. Released October 15th, 2020. Model Number: GD1YQ, GTT9Q

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Need replacement power button

I have looked all over and can not find anyone selling a replacement power button for the Pixel 5. Any suggestions? Will a button for another model fit?

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Hi Susan,

I can't find any indication that a power button from another model will work on the Pixel 5, but fortunately the parts are available online. Surprisingly, Amazon doesn't seem to have anything, but my other two go-to sites, AliExpress and eBay, both have them.

However, you'll need to be more specific. Are you talking about the physical button mounted on the side of the phone that you press with your finger, or are you looking for the electrical part inside the phone that's actually responsible for making the click and sending the electrical signal to the logic board?

Either way the correct thing to do is to order the part in the proper color for your phone; the choices are Just Black and Sorta Sage. Here are a couple of eBay and AliExpress links for the physical (hard) buttons on the side of the case.

For Google Pixel 5 6 Pro Volume Up Down Power On Off Side Key Button Replacement

Pixel 5 Back Replacement

On the other hand, if it's the internal, electro-mechanical part, that comes on a flex cable assembly that's shared with the volume buttons and the fingerprint sensor, but again you need to match the fingerprint button to your case, black or green (sage).

Home Button Touch ID Flex For Google Pixel 5 Power On/Off Volume Up/Down Cable

Power Volume Flex Cable For Google Pixel XL 2 2XL 3 3XL 3A 4 4XL 4A XL 5 5A 5G Side Buttons Power Volume Key Flex Ribbon Parts

I'm afraid you may be on your own with regard to replacing the hard button; I wasn't able to find a guide showing you how to do that replacement, and it's not something I've run into with either my Pixel 2XL or my 6 Pro.

However, although iFixit doesn't have a guide for the flex assembly, there's a Spanish site called Nadie Me Llama Gallina (Nobody Calls Me Chicken) that has just what you need.

Manuals / Google Pixel 5 / Fingerprint reader and side buttons

They actually sell the flex cables as well, but unless you're in Spain it's probably just as well to go to eBay or AliExpress.

If you're going to open up the phone, you'll need the precut adhesive used to glue the screen back on once you're done, and if you're following the Nobody Calls Me Chicken guide for replacing the flex cable, then a replacement battery adhesive sheet will be needed as well. You can undoubtedly find those parts over on eBay and/or AliExpress, but if you want you can get genuine Google parts right here on iFixit.

Google Pixel 5 Display Adhesive - Genuine

Google Pixel 5 Battery Adhesive Strips - Genuine

Just as a note, according to the individual parts pages, those adhesives can only be shipped within the United States. If you're located elsewhere, check the European iFixit site to see if they can ship to you.

I recall helping someone who was looking for a power button on their Pixel 6 Pro where they just needed to replace the hard button as it fell off the phone. While they never said so explicitly, I did not get the impression that opening up the phone was necessary for replacing the button. Here's the link; you could also try contacting them directly to ask.

Where to Find a Replecement Power Button - Google Pixel 6 Pro - iFixit

Hopefully this will cover any and all possibilities for fixing your phone. Let us know how it goes!

Google Pixel 5 Display Adhesive - Genuine Изображение


Google Pixel 5 Display Adhesive - Genuine


Google Pixel 5 Battery Adhesive Strips - Genuine Изображение


Google Pixel 5 Battery Adhesive Strips - Genuine


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