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How to fix black screen

Fan and lights work, but the screen remains black. No beeping. How do I fix the black screen.

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1st u must determine what is running:

  1. Is the drive LED blinking when powerng on? If not, either the drive is bad or there is power problem.
  2. Is the drive LED blinking for a short time when powered on then stops? If so, the drive is doing its POST, but the CPU isn't running. Could be a bad CPU or other support circuit.
  3. Is the drive LED blinking relatively continually? If so, the computer is running but there may be a display problem or a bad device connected to the computer. It may also be a bad internal USB chip. I had that once.
  4. Is everything disconnected from the coputer except essentials?
  5. Have you done the flashlight test on the display?
  6. If you got this far, these computers tend to self disconnect the display cable. You may be able to just remove the KBD to get to it. Search for your "[model #] service manual" to find directions.

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I did the flash light test, it was still black. The only lights that light up are the caps lock light, wifi, and drive led. They are all on constant. There is also no POST when I power on. I've removed and replaced the RAM but it's still the same.


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@ralphperez Start off with the easy things. Disconnect the power from the computer by unplugging the power cord from your computer. Disconnect all external devices from the computer. Remove the battery Now hold the power button depressed for about 30sec-1min. Reapply the AC power adapter and see if your computer's display now shows any sign of life.

Next you want to connect an external monitor. See what that displays. If that continue to show nothing, then the issue can be related to your video circuitry of your computer. If an external monitor does show the desktop etc. you have issues with your computer's display. Could be the LCD or could be a bad cable, display connector issues etc.

To work on your computer, use this Compaq CQ56 Maintenance And Service Guide. Let us know what you find out so we can continue to assist you with this repair.

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