Screw Set available on Ifixit?

Hey, is iFixit going to get a full screw set for the ipod touch 3rd gen? This is really the only parts site I trust :/ I really only need the ones for metal backplate for the screen. Will the 1st Gen screw set work for that?

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There is no screw set for the 3rd gen ipod touch on ifixit unfortunately, but if any of the staff see this, please stock them if you can :/

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here is what u need - iPod 3G Screw Set

iPod 3G Screw Set Изображение


iPod 3G Screw Set


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Ummm, sorry, not the right screw set, this is a ipod touch :P Not a normal ipod sir.


Dont spam that on here. Like I said man, thats the wrong set, thats for the original ipod.


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