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I am a Marine Corps Veteran that served in OIF/OEF from 2002 to 2007 working as a flight line mechanic on H-1 Utility and Attack Helicopters.

I started working for StandardAero as an Engine Mechanic and Quality Inspector at the end of 2007. Then while still working with StandardAero, I started my own computer and electronics repair shop in 2012.

At Wingman's Technology Services, we specialize in computer repairs, mobile device modifications and unlocks, and building custom Gaming and Graphics Design PCs. We also do home and small business network configurations including LAN/Wi-Fi installations, and storage servers. Recently we have branched out to start building custom Server Units and Custom RAID/Server Storage Arrays.

It all started in 1994 when my parents bought our first home computer. I had always been the type of kid that would take everything in the house apart just to see how it worked and then put it back together. With this first computer, it was no different. By the time I was 13, I had already taught myself what the different components in the computer were, and what they were for. I learned how to extract the code from games and modify it to create custom characters and other things within the game. I had also started learning the basics of the internet and networking, and was able to access parts of the schools networks that had games, presumably installed by a teacher to play during their free period, such as Wolfenstein and showed my friends how to access these games also. I, to this day, have continued to try and learn everything I can about computers, and other electronics and all the technology behind out everyday lives. To me, a day that I haven't learned something is a wasted day. Here in the recent years I have taught my self HTML and building webpages, and the basics to C/C++. Recently I have gotten into learning, in depth, networks and servers including constructing them, securing them, and testing them.

I have taken what was a life long hobby and turned it into a side gig to make cash to be able to fund my habit of building custom computers for myself, family, and friends, and also building small robots with my nephews. I have an office full of computer parts, and small electronics such as PCB solder boards, capacitors, resistors, LEDs, plugs and switches, Solar Panels, and just about every other small part needed to assemble just about any little gadget I can think of. I also have a lot of sheet metal supplies that I use to create my own custom cases for PCs, and Server Storage Arrays.


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