HP rp5700 Troubleshooting

No humming fan noise and no light on the front panel signaling that the desktop is on.

Hold the power button for ten seconds

Double check to make sure you have the right connection plugged into the correct port on the desktop and into an outlet.

Check that the cable has no exposed wires or no distortion to the cable; check prongs.

Test appliances that work with the outlet. If the outlet doesn't work check the circuit breaker.

Click this link to view how to remove the power supply from the computer.

HP rp5700 Power Supply Replacement

The lights on front panel are flickering and/or solid and you can hear the fan humming.

Make sure the blue cables are plugged into the correct ports of the computer and monitor.

Plug in a working device into the monitor to make sure the monitor is working.

If your monitor is still not working, click on the link to replace your motherboard.

HP rp5700 Repair Motherboard Replacement

The hp loading screen and a black screen with writing appear.

BIOS settings can be reset by following this guide and removing/replacing the internal motherboard battery.

HP rp5700 Repair iOS battery Replacement

Faulty hard drives can range from not working at all to operating slowly. Click here to replace the hard drive.

HP rp5700 Hard Drive Replacement

Unable to move the cursor and/or click on anything and the keyboard functions don't work.

Make sure the USB connections are plugged in correctly.

Test the mouse and keyboard into a working computer to check to see if the devices are working.

Use another working device to test the port by plugging in the working device into the port.

If the ports aren't working, follow the link to replace your motherboard.

HP rp5700 Repair Motherboard Replacement

Either the computer isn't reading the disk or the drive doesn't function.

Restart the computer and see if the problem is fixed. If not, click this guide to see how to remove/replace the optical drive.

HP rp5700 Optical Disk Drive (CD Drive) Replacement

Audio isn't working or USB and Ethernet connections are failing.

Make sure that respective devices are connected to the proper ports.

Audio cables should match their desired colored ports.

Make sure all of the software updates for the computer, such as the audio drivers, are up-to-date. These links can be found on this manufacturing website.

Double check that the speakers and the ethernet cable, as well as other connections, are working by plugging them into a working computer/laptop.

If none of these solutions solve your problem, link here to replace the motherboard. HP rp5700 Repair Motherboard Replacement

If you using the phone cable, click this guide to replace the correct component card.

HP rp5700 Extra Internal Cards Replacement

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