The dv5-1125nr is an multimedia entertainment laptop that features a 15.4" display, a built in camera, and toggle touchpad

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Why is my touchpad not working?

Everything on my laptop works perfectly fine except for the touchpad, which won't respond to my touch. When I plug in a regular mouse, the computer seems to work fine, however.

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Hi Nick. This problem could occur due to software disabling the touchpad. Check your control panel in Windows for mouse controlling programs that may have options to disable the touchpad. In addition, the dv5-1125nr has the ability to disable its touchpad with a button directly above the touchpad. It's a small silver rectangle with a light next to it. If the light is on, the touchpad is disabled. If you're still having trouble, you may need to replace the touchpad. Check the repair guides for the dv5 on its device page, and look at the troubleshooting page if you need any more help.

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