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Identification and Background

The dv5-1125nr is 5.7 lbs, 14.1" x 10.2" x 1.7", and covered in grey/black plastics. The model and serial numbers can be located on the sticker on the underside of the laptop.

The HP dv5-1125nr features no numpad on the keyboard, and can further be discerned by its two headphone jacks, and the unique touchpad toggle button located directly above the touchpad.

The internals are assembled tightly, and require careful disassembly for repairs. Consider sending the laptop in to HP for a repair order.


Problems? Check the HP_dv5-1125nr_Troubleshooting Guide first.


Additional information can be found in the following locations:

HP dv5-1125nr Product Page

HP dv5-1125nr Tech Specs

CNet dv5-1125nr Page

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