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Announced in March 2015, and released April 10, 2015, the Galaxy S6 is the next flagship in the Galaxy line. The curved screen version is known as the Galaxy S6 Edge.

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blocked IMEI. what do I do now?

my boss bought a phone some time last year and about 2 months ago it stopped working. turns out Optus blocked the IMEI number and refused to tell my boss why.

he bought this phone 2nd hand of a guy some time last year and it was working for a few months. And sadly my boss bought it with cash so he has no proof of perches.

as far as i read there is no way to get them to unblock the IMEI, which is really really dumb. and changing the IMEI/ESN is highly illegal. i don't wanna go to jail but i still want to help my boss recover some of his losses.

because Optus refused to mention why it was blocked i am going out on a limb here and hoping that if it was a stolen phone they would request it be sent to them so it could be returned to the rightful owner.

now that that's out of the way i read it was still legal to sell a IMEI blocked phone provided it is stated it's IMEI blocked. the phone is in good working condition with no cracks on the screen either.

what parts could i sell? should i just sell it whole?

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it may be illegal to change an umie in the UK.But it isnt in america.I bought a galaxy s6 edge for 30 quid,Done a bit of digging on you tube( mnmobileguy)He can do ut for u and it s all dine thru you pc so no need to send your fone.I used paypal to pay him.


I bought a Samsung galaxy s8 for my sister from letgo so she can use it internationally, only to find out that it has a locked emei. The original carrier for the phone was t mobile and they said that they can't help me, I was scammed. What can i do to have this phone unlocked? Please help


same thing happened to my step mum, my dad got it for her brand new in the box still sealed through gumtree, someone had offered my dad the phone for swaps for what he had listed

i look at everything if the phone was legit etc and was!

9-10 months later her phone has no service and she thought her phone was effed, to then call vodafone to be told optus had blocked her imei (the phone was with optus tho unlocked) the guy we got it off had reported it (insurance thing) said it never arrived when his wife ordered them.. well youd think you wouldnt wait 9-10 months to ask why you hadnt recieved your phone yet right? optus wont unlock it and she was devasted considering befor the s7 edge she was using a s2!! shes a genuine honest person whos always helping people, putting others first etc and sucks it happened to her and wish there was something i could do to fix it ? thanks


My imei was blocked As 02 said they will remove imei block which can take up to 7 days

Im Samsung galaxy s8 plus

Best to call network that ph did come with


I'm in the same boat but fortunately, I paid with a credit card and there's some recourse.... I hope I get my money back because if I can't, I basically have a dead phone I have to use on another carrier somehow.


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The boss bought it from a guy that basically most likely reported it stolen. I havent seen a method that is possible to change the imei on the s6. Only the S4 and older have viable methods but require expensive programming boxes in order to do so. Probably not worth doing yourself.

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again if it was considered stolen im sure they would have mentioned it. not only that but my boss had it for a few months and it was working fine.

as far as my own research into it goes the only legal option i can find is to sell it for parts as the IMEI is on the logic/mother board so everything else is apparently able to be sold. alternatively buy a new board and replace it to get a working phone again.


I wouldn't be surprised. I've heard some customers buying samsung galaxy phones only to find that it became blocked a few months later. This is usually because they had bought it on a plan and have sold it to someone else because they can't pay for the rest of the plan or have canceled the plan. Some people are dodgy and will report the phone as stolen months later to get another phone under insurance.


yeah. and im assuming this is what's happend and it's sad as there is no way to help anyone who is scammed by these dodgy people who waited till there was no way the victim to get their money back.


In some special cases if you've paid through paypal you may be able to get money back. It's worth a try.


Time for the trash can if you can't get your money back or sell it for parts ;-{


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Just sell it to celphone shops where they can dissect the parts one by one and sell them

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that's what i was going to do myself. i was just asking to make sure i know what i can and can't sell of the phone.


You can't get the imie changed very easy for £35,That wot I done wif my s6,It only took 15 mins and u don't even need to send the fone as it's done online ,changing an imie is not illegal in the U.K.


madeca mistake.it is ilegal to change an imie in the UJ,But an american guy dine my s6


dontsell it for parts.if its in perfect nick get a hold of the guy i mentiond above and he soet your imie out no problem.


Wats the guys name that can get my galaxy 6s edge working again?. In my case my ex reported my in as stolen when broke up wit him because he was shady like that. I bought the fone wit my money but added it 2 he plan thru his account... The biggest mistake ever but after being for 10 yrs u think u could trust the person. I paid 700 plus dollars for it. It's brand new no scratches no cracks. Mint cond. Wasting in box. Can u help me. Lol


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