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Repair guides and support for the revised 1st-generation Ranger compact pickup truck. The Ranger received a facelift and some mechanical updates for the 1989 model year.

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turn signal does not work?

my turn signal and my emergency flasher does not work. Where is the fuse for these items?

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The hazard lights have a separate flasher. With the hazard light button in the active position it opens the signal light circuit and applies power from a different fuse than the signals and flashes front and back signals left and right. In the steering column the signal lever is operating the signal light switch from its own fuse and flasher. But the hazard light wiring passes thru this signal switch. out the bottom of the column to the vehicle wiring that has separate wires to each flasher light.

Here are the wiring colors . You can use a pin soldered to a 12 v bub to ground to check for power at each wire. Or purchase a tester that will have a puncture tip and inside a light plus a clip for ground.

Space will not allow more text so it will be in a further comment


Here is the wire color for you to follow. Good luck.

Light Blue Wire - From Turn Signal Flasher To Multi Function Switch To Be Split To Lights

Light Green Wire - From Stop Light Switch To Multi Function Switch To Be Split To Lights

Light Green With Orange Stripe Wire - Left Rear Turn/Stop Lights (Trailer Also)

Light Green With Red Hash Marks Wire - Power To Stop Light Switch

Light Green With White Stripe Wire - Left Front Turn Signal & Indicator

Orange With Light Blue Stripe Wire - Right Rear Turn/Stop Lights (Trailer Also)

Purple With Orange Hash Marks Wire - Hot In Run From Fuse Block To Turn Signal Flasher

Red With White Hash Marks Wire - Hot At All Times To Hazard Flasher

White With Light Blue Stripe Wire - Right Front Turn Signal And Indicator

White With Red Hash Marks Wire - From Hazard Flasher To Multi Function Switch To Be Split To Lights

Highlight this list and paste into notepad then print it


What about the high beam light? Mine is stuck on 24/7!!!!


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There are fuses in the fuse panel. but you most likely need to replace the flasher relay that's under the dash. this controls the flashing of the blinkers.

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Since he said neither the hazard or the signal light's work then he would be looking for two flashers. If he has backup lights the hazard fuse is OK

If he has stop / brake lights then the signal light fuse is OK.

Check this and get back to us unless you have solved the problem.


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I have the same problem, I was told it is most likely the wiring harness

for your signals

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What if the hazards nor turn or brake lights work?

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