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The Asus ZenPad S8 is an 8-inch Android tablet by Asus. Released in June of 2015. Model number: Z580CA.

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Where can I buy parts for my zenpad s 8?

I need to buy the board that has the usb connector on it. It was easy to take apart and looks easy to reinstall but can't find the part to buy online. Will also buy a broke zenpad 8 for cheap and switch the part out.

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actually, just need the touchscreen replacement


Hi timsisco, have you solved this problem? I am looking for USB connector too. Cant find it! Thanks for your response.


Im trying to also get the small board with the charging port, my wife's zenpad s8 stopped charging.



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Hi @ponigurll ,

There are two ZenPad S8 models, Z580C P01M and Z580CA P01MA and it appears from the parts list as though the LCD screen and the digitizer come as a complete module assembly and not two separate parts.

Here’s a link to a supplier - Z580C P01M and is shown just to give you an idea of the cost of the part. It isn’t cheap!

If you search online using the part number for the appropriate display assembly only, in the search term of your browser you may get results for other suppliers.

If yours is the other model then here’s the link to the Z580CA P01MA (click on the Display checkbox under Categories).

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Fair warning when you order from zandparts.eu expected it to take some time. I ordered two parts from them which is priced very fair in my opinion. However, they get you the real deal Asus part and if they don't have it in stock they get it from Asus. By the way asusparts.eu, and zandparts.com is one in the same company. They're out of Sweden. I ordered my parts on May 3rd, 2019 and just yesterday June 14th, 2019 I got the confirmation and the tracking number that it was shipped. I'm okay with that because I know I'm getting the real replacement parts from Asus. I'd much rather support a reputable company that gets their parts directly from Asus.

I did inquire about my parts after some time and they assured me and let me know exactly what was going on. They are very courteous always replied to my emails so far it's been a pleasant interaction with Zandparts. Which in return makes me want to buy Asus products In the future when upgrading or buying new products smart move on Asus, knowing that I can get replacement parts fairly easy if you have the patience.

Once I receive my parts I'll give you an update I'm pretty sure they were packed good granted it's only a flex cable that connects the board to the screen and a camera ring assembly two very small parts each part was under 10 euros/dollars. I paid more in shipping then the parts themselves haha. I'm okay with that being that I live across the pond US.

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I forgot the parts I orders is for an Asus tablet ZenPad 8 too but not the ZenPad S8 my tap is ZenPad 8 (Z380M) but your model is in the list.


I know this is an old post I just want people to know my experience with zandparts.


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