Recommendations for Thermal Pad Replacements

Hi Everyone!

Recently I have needed to take apart two different Playstation 2s to remove an excess of dirt and dust. From what I understand, when you remove the heatsink from the process, you are suppose to replace the thermal pads. Does anyone have a particular brand or type they recommend?

The thermal pad I removed comes out to roughly 1.5875mm in thickness. I know that they compress when installed, so I ordered a 2mm thick thermal pad. Do I need to worry about getting a pad particular Thermal Conductivity? The Thermal Conductivity of the one I ordered is 3.2w/m-K. I know that the PS2 doesn't generate a ton of heat like other consoles - I figured the 3.2w/m-k would be a good place to start.

The final question I have is with the L shape of the original pad. I noticed it covers the CPU and GPU, and then sort of drapes over two smaller chips. Would it hurt to do individual squares for each chip, or do I need to cut out the new pad in the same L shape as the original? Also, can I use the 2nd step of Articlean to prep the surface of the chips, similar to if I was prepping for thermal paste?

To be clear, this for one of the bigger version models of the Playstation 2, SCPH-39001.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

- Ben

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