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Released by Samsung in March 2016. Model SM-G930.

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Galaxy S7 main camera blurred. How to fix?

Just bought the used S7 on ebay and immediately noticed how bad the camera is on this. Seems like I'm always out of focus/softened/blurred whether in the camera app or snapchat. (All beauty settings are down to 0). Is something broken or what?

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Being out of focus only happens when I put the back on. When I leave the cover off, the camera is in perfect focus. I suspect that somehow it changes the focus point. I don't know how to correct, and if anybody has a suggestion, I'm all ears. Your input is valued.


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Is the camera focusing at all?

If not, the rear camera needs to be replaced.

Here is a guide in case you decide to replace the rear camera:

Samsung Galaxy S7 Rear Camera Replacement

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