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Entry level business laptop introduced by Dell in 2014. Uses Intel Haswell (4th generation) processors.

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Random power cuts after pressing power button

Hi all,

I’ve just bough a second hand Dell 5420 laptop and have a weird problem which is hard to diagnose because its random.

Basically when you press power button it shuts down(noise as if you pressed and held power button) without displaying anything and then restarts on its own and works just fine. I can restart it few times with no issues but all of a sudden it happens again. It has a dead battery which I’ve removed and now using genuine Dell charger but problem still exists.

Its Windows 10(32bit!!) and 8GB RAM. Haven’t tried static discharge but i dont think its the issue.

Has anyone experienced similar issue and could point me in the right direction?

Any help is appropriated


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Try looking in Control Panel > Power options > change Advanced Power options and see what options are selected for the Power button.

Also disable 'Auto restart on system failure" (In Windows, search for and open "View advanced system settings". Click Settings in the Startup and Recovery section. Uncheck "Automatically restart". This way when it does shutdown, if there was an error of some kind hopefully there'll be a message as to why. You'll have to manually restart the laptop.

Also check in Event Viewer for any error or warning events that are listed around the time of shutdown.

Try starting the laptop in safe mode and see if it happens.

Try running a free standalone program and check if it still occurs. I'm not trying to test your RAM, it's only a program that doesn't need Windows to operate. This way you can isolate it to either the hardware or the OS or perhaps compatibility between the two i.e. drivers perhaps

It may also be as simple as a sticking Power button contact.

Being intermittent you have to cover a lot of things ;-)


Hi jayeff

Good point. I will give it a go but doubt it it will show me anything as its not even 1sec before power is cut off. Thanks and I will let you later when I get home.


Estimado , verifique que el botón de encendido no este sucio , puede ser que este se quede pegado o realice un falso contacto.


Further update. Removed ram and reset, tried with one ram in both slots and then tried the other one. Same result. However, I can almost replicate the issue every time. When I do discharge all the electricity and plug in the charger, it happens. I have reset most of BIOS setting to defaults. While doing this I have noticed time being reset to 2011. This of course means dead CMOS battery. After setting time and date, it went back to 2011 after crush. Would this CMOS issue? I highly doubt it.

I've also change the settings to not restart after crash but this is happening so quick that nothing is being registered. Screen does not even flash for a split second.

@Sergio Power button seems fine. Does not matter how hard or soft i press. It still happens.

Would lack of battery or dead battery cause this issue?

I'm really puzzled


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I agree with Jayeff, Sounds very much like you need to replace the BIOS coin battery.

Windows is very date and time reliant, and I have seen many ‘weird’ things happen when the BIOS date and time is wrong.

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Hi @tomtom235 ,

Suggest that you replace the coin cell CMOS battery to fix the date and time lost issue and check what effect this has on the start/shutdown problem. These batteries are non rechargeable and usually have a life of 5 years or so.

Here’s a link to the Dell 5420/e5420 service manual. Scroll to p.115 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove/replace the coin cell battery.

Alternatively here’s a link to the Dell 14R 5420 service manual if this is your model. (didn’t realize that there were two Dell laptops with 5420 in their model number). Scroll to p.59 to view the pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove/replace the coin cell battery.

Search online for replacement batteries.

The one for the 5420/e5420 seems to have wires attached so that it plugs into the motherboard. It’s a CR2032 which is a common battery but the connection type might make it difficult to find.

The one for the 14R 5420 appears to be a common motherboard coin cell connection type so the battery is most probably easier to obtain. It’s type number will be stamped on it. Note the orientation of the existing battery before you remove it so that you insert the new one back in the correct way. Usually they are with the +ve symbol visible on top.

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Thanks all I will give it a go and report back as soon as I can.


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maybe you are not using the right power cord the voltige might be to low

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Its a original power cable as we use the same charges and laptops at work


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