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Repair guides for the HP Compaq 6910p.

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How do I turn on the bluetooth

how do i turn on the bluetooth feature

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Go to settings and turn the Bluetooth on.


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Hi @huffy ,

Has Bluetooth ever worked OK in the laptop before?

If not, check if your laptop has got a Bluetooth card installed.

According to the user guide for your model laptop, taken from this webpage, it is on select models only.

Here’s an image taken from the user guide that shows where it should be if you have it.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

There should also be a label on the laptop stating that there is Bluetooth wireless in the laptop, if it has it. This is from the guide:

''Wireless certification label(s) (select models only)—Provide information about optional wireless devices and the approval markings of some of the countries in which the devices have been approved for use. An optional device may be a wireless local area network (WLAN) device, an HP Broadband Wireless Module, or an optional Bluetooth® device. If your computer model includes one or more wireless devices, one or more certification labels are included with your computer. You may need this information when traveling internationally. Wireless certification labels are affixed inside the memory module compartment''

If you have a Bluetooth module installed, check in Device Manager to view its’ status, Go to Control Panel > Device Manager > Bluetooth

What OS is installed in the laptop?

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