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LTE-enabled variant of the fifth generation of iPad, released in March 2017. Available with 32 and 128 GB storage options featuring a 9.7" Retina display and 64-bit A9 processor.

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How to bypass MDM after restore

Company I work for is moving offices and scrapping all our tech gear. Snagged an iPad but after restore its MDM locked. Need help bypassing. iPad 5th gen. Lte enabled.

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It’s implemented on the Apple activation servers, the server knows this ipad belongs to the company and has MDM enforced during activation.

You can always talk to the IT department to release it from MDM, or you can replace the major chips to swap identity of this ipad, probably costs as much as the ipad itself.

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@tomchai I have a2485 with the same MDM problem. Do you know who can offer service or what chip needs to be removed or reprogrammed? Thank you


@fobby New motherboard, or full chip swap. Contact the previous company to have it removed. Any competent company has a procedure in place when this happens, or the provider (like Absolute SW) has means to fix it.

Ideally, the best approach once the device is so absurdly old that there's little to no market left (like the D series, or old E series) is to just disable the crap permanently (but DISCLOSE THE PERMANENT BLOCK IN THE LISTING IF YOU SELL). I should be able to decide if I want to seal my device's MDM capability fate, even permanently, not the provider -- regardless of who makes it, even if I need to call Apple to tell them I want this thing blocked from accepting MDM until I SAY SO.


I found a way to get the MacBook open and bypass the MDM to turn the SIP off in terminal. I’m now wondering will it eventually get locked again and should I get some type of bypass now to prevent that?


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I am sure the company will remove it for you if you ask. Besides that it is there for good.

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