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voice of lenovov145-15ast is damaged

the voice of my laptop is damaged, how can i fix it?

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Could you please elaborate? What voice? Do you mean sound, perhaps? Does everything else work fine?


yes, sound, I can't hear any video or song without my headphone


@Rehab Mohamad

Click on Start > Settings > System > Sounds > Troubleshoot Manage Sound devices and check if the troubleshooter can find the problem


@jayeff I hit the troubleshoot button and a message appeared that: something went wrong on our end. we are working on it .


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@Rehab Mohamad


Go to Control Panel > Sound > Playback and check that the speakers are selected.

Click on the speaker icon and select Properties > General > Device usage and make sure that it says enabled.

To get to Control panel, type control panel in the search box on the left side of the Windows desktop taskbar and either click on Sounds or on the app to open Control Panel and then click on Sounds.

Ensure that the headphones are NOT plugged in if you try to test the speakers in the Sounds tab, next to the Recording tab in the program

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