Use this guide to replace the display assembly, which includes the front glass, digitizer, and home button cable.

  1. Insert a fingernail or plastic opening tool into the divot to the left of the rear-facing camera.
    • Insert a fingernail or plastic opening tool into the divot to the left of the rear-facing camera.

    • Gently pry and twist the flexible rear cover off the back of the phone.

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  2. Insert a fingernail or plastic opening tool into the recess in the bottom right corner of the battery and lift upward.
    • Insert a fingernail or plastic opening tool into the recess in the bottom right corner of the battery and lift upward.

    • Remove the battery away from the phone.

    The battery will need to be charged after it is placed in the phone. No one told me that and I bought a battery and thought it was bad. Keep the phone off and insert the charger. You will need to charge it for several hours before you can use the phone.

    Diane Schumacher - Ответить

    hi there my grandson has a samsung galaxy s5 phone and it wont turn on and the screen is cracked what shall i do email me on cnngawaka@yahoo.com thanks charmaine ill wait for your replay

    cnngawaka - Ответить

    • Using a fingertip, pull the microSD card straight down out of its slot.

    • Remove the microSD card from the phone.

    I found removing the SIM/SD card with my fingertip a little difficult – not enough friction. So I used a 'rubber' (in US English it's called a pencil eraser or just simply, an eraser.

    Simple, cheap (zero) and effective! :)



    johnsg0053 - Ответить

    • Repeat the above procedure to remove the SIM card.

    Actually this isn’t as easy as it appears in the photo and instructions, since the SIM card does not have a notch that you can use to pull it out. In my experience I’ve found that the best way to remove the SIM card is by pressing down somewhat hard on the SIM card, and then push-pulling it outward.

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    • Use a plastic opening tool to pry up the plastic midframe connector panel.

    • Remove the connector panel with a pair of tweezers.

    • There should be enough adhesive to readhere the panel upon reassembly, otherwise use a small amount of double-stick tape.

    In my experience I have always removed this Home button protector panel with ONLY a plastic opening tool, and I have never found adhesive beneath it.

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    • Use the sharp tip of a spudger to pry the home button cable connector straight up off its socket.

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    • In the following steps you will be using an iOpener to warm the adhesive affixing the display assembly to the rest of the phone. This will allow for a safer, easier screen removal. For proper iOpener use, follow our iOpener heating guide, make sure to pay attention to all warnings.

    • Place a heated iOpener on the left side of the phone for at least 90 seconds.

    • Reheat the iOpener and place it on the right half of the phone.

    good location for a timer, I am taking my phone apart

    andrew beals - Ответить

    ¿se puede hacer con la pistola de calor?

    Diego Alomoto - Ответить

    Si, puedes utilizar la pistola de calor también, pero ten cuidado ;-)

    Sandra Hiller -

    Otra opción es usar una “placa calefactora” que, según yo, es la opción mas “profesional” ya que con ella se puede limitar la temperatura, para que no se malogre la pantalla táctil (la “digitizador” detŕas del vídrio).

    OmniWeb Technical Education -

    Another option is to use a “hot plate” which, according to me, is the more “professional” option since with it you can limit the temperature, so that the touchscreen doesn’t get ruined (the “digitizer” behind the glass).

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    • In the following steps you will be using an opening pick to separate the adhesive securing the front panel glass. Only pry where directed. If you experience resistance, stop sliding the opening pick and reapply heat.

    • Insert the edge of an opening pick underneath the bottom right side of the front glass.

    I hope this helps others:

    my screen was STRONGLY glued to the midframe, it was impossible to remove it without breaking it, be very careful with the copper adhesive in the midframe!!!

    I can't even understand how this guide doesn't mention it properly!

    Pedro - Ответить

    Yeah, the real trick with these types of screens is to measure (or just “have a feel for”) an adequate temperature with the heat pad (e.g. iOpener), or heat gun, or hot plate. First you have to heat up the screen just enough so that you can “break into” one side without breaking the bezel or the glass, and then verrrry carefully and verrrrry gradually insert plastic opening picks (or even playing cards) as you make progress around the exterior border of the phone. Whenever I do this, I always insert 5-6 objects (again, plastic picks or playing cards) before I fully remove the digitizer-glass assembly, which typically ends up as follows as I move around the exterior border: one pick at each of the four corners and one pick on each of the two sides. WARNING: DO NOT INSERT ANY OBJECT BENEATH THE GLASS MORE THAN A FEW MILLIMETRES FROM THE EXTERIOR BORDER.

    OmniWeb Technical Education -

    Thanks for the info guys! :-)

    Tony - Ответить

    Wow seriously 100% ur going to break the LCD if this is the first time opening the phone this is why android is built disposable it now costs 60$ to fix a stupid 10$ part this fix is definitely not worth it


    apple=a better way of life

    I will never attempt to fix another android again

    taylor britton - Ответить

    • Slide the opening pick up along the right side of the display.

    This is not as easy as they make it seem in this guide. The real trick with these types of touchscreens is to properly measure (or just “have a feel for”) an adequate temperature with the heat pad (e.g. iOpener), or heat gun, or hot plate, that you use to heat the adhesive beneath the glass exterior of the digitizer-glass assembly. First you have to heat up the screen just enough so that you can “break into” one side without breaking the bezel or the glass, and then verrrry carefully and verrrrry gradually insert plastic opening picks (or even playing cards) as you make progress around the exterior border of the phone. Whenever I do this, I always insert 5-6 objects (again, plastic picks or playing cards) before I fully remove the digitizer-glass assembly, which typically ends up as follows as I move around the exterior border: one pick at each of the four corners and one pick on each of the two sides. WARNING: DO NOT INSERT ANY OBJECT BENEATH THE GLASS MORE THAN A FEW MILLIMETRES FROM THE EXTERIOR BORDER.

    OmniWeb Technical Education - Ответить

    • Carefully slide the pick around the corner, stopping before the speaker grille at the top of the phone.

    Be sure not to nick and tear the capacitive touch chip interface that meets the LCD screen here! I caught it and didn't even feel the resistance. :-(

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    • The adhesive securing the top of the phone is only a narrow strip above the earpiece speaker. Slide the pick along the top of the speaker to avoid damaging internal components.

    • Slide the opening pick across the top of the phone, being very careful not to insert the pick too deeply.

    I have been extra careful, and it did not prevent me to sever the flat cable in the upper left corner. The cable is very close and you should take extreme caution.

    Neocray - Ответить

    • Carefully slide the pick around the upper left corner.

    • If you encounter any resistance from cooling adhesive, reapply a heated iOpener to the left side of the phone.

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    • Slide the opening pick down along the left half of the phone stopping at the lower left corner.

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    • Slide the opening pick all the way to the bottom left corner of the phone, making sure it is securely placed.

    • In the following step you will be placing an iOpener over the home button end of the phone, you won't want your opening pick to slip out.

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    • Place a reheated iOpener over the bottom portion of the display assembly.

    • There are delicate components in this portion of the phone, you want to ensure the adhesive is warm and easy to loosen to protect the phone.

    this IFIXIT IOpener how much are these

    Raewyn Dowd - Ответить

    • The bottom end of the phone contains the soft button and home button ribbon cables. If you insert the opening pick too far into the phone you risk cutting these cables.

    • Slide the very end of the opening pick across the bottom edge of the display to separate the last of the remaining adhesive.

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    • Twist the opening pick to detach the glass from the phone.

    • If the front panel does not detach easily, it may require additional adhesive cutting.

    Be aware that there is adhesive on the inner parts of the screen. Plan on replacing this screen and digitizer as well.

    AB Computer Services - Ответить

    • If the front panel is not easily freed, the adhesive on the soft button cable may need to be separated.

    • These cables are thin and easily damaged, therefore be certain you are only peeling them off the display assembly and not lacerating them.

    • Insert an opening pick under the soft button icons on the display and pry the button cables down off the inside of the front panel.

    Accidentally cut one of the side buttons. It wouldn't come out, the screen was badly cracked.

    Nickoakz - Ответить

    Is there a replacement I can get for the soft buttons?

    Nickoakz - Ответить

    My digitizer was glued to the chasis, the glass came up separately and the digitizer broke when I tried to pry it up.

    ken - Ответить

    That’s actually probably because you might not have heated the sides of the screen (where the adhesive is located) enough before prying up on the exterior border of the glass part. It’s very difficult to know the tolerance limits of such devices if you’ve never seen them apart before, and as such one can easily get confused between where the glass ends and the digitizer begins. On my first smartphone repair I broke a digitizer, so I know how it feels.

    OmniWeb Technical Education -

    cum as putea să imi iau si eu displei pentru samsung galaxi s 5

    GüL ayaz - Ответить

    • Slightly lift, but do not remove, the home button end of display assembly.

    • Do not remove the front panel entirely. It is still attached by a connector.

    • If you are reusing the home button flex cable, be careful not to sever the cable from the home button. Adhesive can cause the cable to rip apart from the home button. While the home button will still work, the fingerprint scanner will not.

    The display assembly I purchased from ifixit.com included a new home button with a new flex cable. If you have the same, I'd recommend removing the home button in this step.

    pdub01 - Ответить

    Sansumg S5 is the stupiest design (for repair) ever.

    I have fixed s2,s3,s4, note, note 2 and note 3

    All of them, you can get into the logic board from the back without touching the screen assembly.

    With the S5, just a simple problem could cost you buying a new lcd assembly.

    You must remove the lcd in order to remove the screws for the logic board cover.

    I purchased a cracked lcd S5, so I can replace it and sell it. My mistake was I did not did a research on the tear down (thinking it should the same as previous S model.

    To make story short, lucky for me, I did a dry test of the entire phone, before glueing on the new lcd assembly.

    Because the front camera lens was damaged, cost $5.

    If I glued the lcd, it would be 50/50 chance that I would crack the new screen.

    So any repair that you need to do on the S5, you will have to consider the risk of breaking the LCD.

    I hope Samsung change the design on the S6. Which I doubt it. Because the higher cost of repair means people won't fix them = more new sells

    idevice Recycle - Ответить

    How can I find out if I messed my phone up . the person who glued the screen on didn't glue it on right , so I tried to take off the screen and I got it off but now that I try to put it back on the screen is black .

    cholitaesh21 -

    I know this reply is a bit late, over 2 years late, but I just wanted to add to idevice Recycle that the way "they" designed this phone is exactly as you described, to make it wayyyy more difficult to fix even the most simplest thing on this phone. Inverting the motherboard, designed exactly the opposite way of the S4 (as you described), from their standpoint of view, as you'd have to admit, was a brilliant idea on "they're" part.

    I've torn apart and fixed many cell/smart phones in my days thus far, but mostly iphones by far. A friend passed

    me one of these phones this past week. I've never messed with one before so you already know, even though I

    have much knowledge about them, this site was the first I visited about this phone. Needless to say, go figure.

    They did a really great job though making this phone one of the most difficult phones to do any type of repair

    on. Adhesive sucks. But eh, all is well with a bit of time and patience. Had to replace rear camera and middle

    bezel frame. Time to off it....

    you_mad.lil_fella -

    This guide may have been written for a different revision but the SM-G900F that I just repaired had glue sticking the entire of the rear of the screen to the chassis making it very difficult to remove. Had to use a spudger and push it down the inside of the phone separating the copper film from the chassis to free it up. Would be easy to damage the home button cable but I was ok.

    Adam - Ответить

    I had the same thing happen just now. I was working on a G900A. A real PITA!

    mcr4u2 -

    Is there a need to put adhesive after removing the screen?? If so, do you have an adhesive recommended...

    garrykufa2000 - Ответить

    Should be. i recommend using 3m strip double sided adhesive

    leiki42 -

    I had the same issue as idevice recycle. The model S5 that I was working on had a huge amount of glue on the back of the lcd which I wasn't aware of - this caused me to crack the glass which then literally broke the lcd in half (costing me £120 for a new screen!!!)

    I've repaired all manner of Samsung products over the years and I've never had any issues with any model apart from this one. My advice to anyone doing this repair is once you have managed to unstick the screen from the frame, before attempting to remove it, apply a bit of heat (but not too much, you don't want to damage anything) to the back of the phone where the battery normally sits. This is where all the glue on the back of the lcd is located which sticks the lcd to the frame of the phone - I wish I knew of this before trying to remove the screen!

    Clems - Ответить

    The guide needs to mention that the LCD is firmly glued.. Mine was bust anyway, but Step 19 is not fit for purpose.

    Dave - Ответить

    So this really blows. I needed to swap the logic board from a phone with a cracked screen to one with a good screen. Yeah that’s not happening. I now have two cracked screens… Thanks Samsung! The difficulty on this should be way higher. As others have said, the screen is glued on the underside over a large portion where the copper foil is. It’s not coming up easily or in one piece.

    Jeremy Buseman - Ответить

    If you want to make the reassembly easier, be careful to not separate the Home button assembly, from the glass. Instead, just carefully pry away the soft button adhesive connectors.

    OmniWeb Technical Education - Ответить

    Between step 18-19 did I miss something because I did not see when home button cable was disconnected.

    David J Gutierrez - Ответить

    Hand over head, I got it now never mind lol.

    David J Gutierrez - Ответить

    • Use the sharp tip of a spudger to lift the front panel assembly cable connector straight up off its socket on the motherboard.

    • Safely remove the front panel assembly from phone.

    Am si eu un galaxi j5 2016 i putin spart pe blitu din spate si un pic pe ecran cit mar corta

    alex_ronaldo71 - Ответить

    Absolutely wonderful! Worked like a charm. This is the easiest replacement I have seen so far on an Android. :)

    Paul Frutiger - Ответить

    Yeah, right… this phone is the exact reason why I avoid Samsung junk at all costs! Samsung perfected exactly what they were aiming for when designing this phone. What a total POS !! But from a company standpoint of view they hit the nail right on the head when it comes to this phone (and beyond). I’ll stick to my iphones, at least I don’t have to go through this bs in order to replace the charging jack on it when it breaks. The lightning plug on iphone is also much more superior when it comes to durability versus this garbage micro usb charging junk. This is probably the 8th S5 I’ve worked on that had a broken charging jack, everything else works on phone. But I fully understand and chuckled at your sarcasm, indeed !!

    you_mad.lil_fella -


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Be aware that the LCD is glued not just at the edges, but also in the middle (the orange areas in the photos for Step 20. These can adhere strongly enough to cause the LCD to crack. Don't ask how I know that.

Nathan Hillery - Ответить

I cracked it this way, so yeah. Any way to get the glue fluetly enough to get the LCD off the rest of the Phone? (the LCD and digitalizer is cracked anyway)

Mick Trompke -

Onfortunately I read this to late. Many thanks anyway for confirming I'm not the only one ;)

tkuilman1 -

Been there man. Had my Samsung Galaxy S5 Active pull one of those numbers. not a fun time.

Cameron Dawson -

Am I missing something?

How does it get re glued when you reverse the process? Doesn't it need to be re glued so water doesn't get into the hardware past the screen?

That would be my concern, the phone not being waterproof after the repairs are completed.

Thanks for your insight. Guide is done very well.


Bogdan Georgescu - Ответить

I agree Bogdan Georgescu, the step of adding a new screen is not covered in these instructions but would be very helpful to know if anyone has experience? The instructions are wonderful to help you remove a screen, but the process of replacing is lacking for me. Has anyone had success replacing a screen that primarily has had surface damage? (I pay a monthly insurance fee on my galaxy s5 phone. But in addition, if I wanted to replace it, it will cost another $200 to get a replacement (refurbished - someone else's junk?) phone. I'd rather chance starting with replacing my screen myself, with the help from this online community if possible? Thank you!!! Karen

Karen -

They don't use glue, they use double sided adhesive that is not easy to find. 3M double sided tape works well but I have had screens come up when using the 3M adhesive. So yes you need to apply adhesive before install of new screen to keep it water resistant. The phone is and never was waterproof just resistant and I recommend using the best double sided tape you can get as you will fudge up the already adhered tape.

Jason Oestrike -

As mentioned above, the screens are held down by double sided tape, usually made by the 3M company. But most other good quality tape can do the same. The proper tapes are cut perfectly to fit all the little adge bits of the casing-to-screen, and that's all that makes it waterproof.

A thing to remember is, most people loose the charger cover anyway, so worrying about a perfect screen seal from water doesn't matter then I guess as water will just flow in anyway.

The screen isnt really waterproof, its just water resistant, so it's okay for the odd splash, but drop it in a bucket, and it's probably ruined :-( unless the bucket is empty of course ;-) When I refit a screen, i put a 5mm strip of my own tape down the centre (it MUST be the thinnest tape possible!!) and that helps keep the screens in place, but that idea varies from one phone model to another.

philpeacock -

I replaced my midframe, but I cut the cables to the back and menu buttons. I also ripped some of the foil on the back of my screen, but that didn't seem to hurt anything.

Jonathan Good - Ответить

What do you do if you followed a vague Chinese guide that came with a new screen, and you mess up one of the ribbons?

Micha - Ответить

Hey guys, I also cracked my screen, unfortunately. Not the glass as is usually the case but really the screen to the point it doesn't display anything.

However after digging around the Internet I found out that in order to replace your screen you need the service kit along with the new display unit.

The partnumber is GH81-12060A.

How one would remove the old adhesive is still a mystery as I'm not convinced a hair blower will do this time.

Cheers, Ronald R.

Ronald Roeleveld - Ответить

I did use a hair dryer, you just need to keep it on it a long time.

hijadelamadre -

If any of you do not feel comfortable doing this then try this company https://www.repairsuk.co.uk/fix/samsung-...

Damian - Ответить

For reassembly, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEgOsFPX....

I found it useful to have a reference for adhesive application. It wasn't complicated, but by far it was the most time consuming part of the repair.

pdub01 - Ответить

I received a "generic" lcd today for an S5 and upon turning it on, I noticed some text that is not supposed to be there on the LCD. It is kind of a grey color and only shows against lighter colors, so this leads me to believe it must be something like print on the back-light reflector (I'm not sure exactly what this piece is called). Has anyone encountered such an issue, and can it be fixed on the S5? This is easily fixed on an iPhone, but after looking at the S5 for a few minutes, I'm not convinced that I won't mess something up by trying to fix it.

Steve - Ответить

My glass separated from the digitizer, but it was no biggie. Just go slow with the ribbon cables and it works perfectly. Don't forget to buy new tape, too.

aaronboyle - Ответить

ok so on step 18 i messed up real bad "These cables are thin and easily damaged, therefore be certain you are only peeling them off the display assembly and not lacerating them" well one of the small ribbons near the adhesive glue near the home button broke while i was taking the screen apart. how screwed am i right now? something that can be replaced? help please. it turns on makes sounds but no visual

Jose Santiago - Ответить

Before I offer MY OPINION, let me stress that this is an EDUCATED GUESS and NOT a professional opinion nor anything I've done, so I very well could be WRONG!

The parts I've found when looking for a charging port seem to be a complete unit including the charging port, home button, and both soft buttons. I would think ordering one from Amazon and CAREFULLY replacing the one with the "lacerated" ("cutted", for those in Rio Linda) cables should have your phone good as new.

Mark Allen -

Thanks a bunch Sam! Really useful, especially when you run a phone repair shop ( http://www.iphonerepairscolchester.co.uk... ) ;)

Matt Harwood - Ответить

Hi I need help !

By mistake i cut the wires in step 18

The "setting" and "return" bottoms,

What can I do to fix it?? I really need help the phone belong to my brother.

dvir - Ответить

I believe ordering a new charging port will include all the parts needed to replace the torn cables. See my reply to Joe Santiago above.

Mark Allen -

OK , for all those people that want to know about the adhesive once putting the new screen on. There is adhesive also on the new screen, protected by a blue plastic peel cover. When you're ready to place the screen back and you've connected it to the motherboard peel and cut the blue plastic glue cover on the new screen so you can slowly place the screen and peel the blue glue protector slowly (keep in mind that in my case the plastic was blue but that might not be the case for everyone).

Sebastian Soares - Ответить

Due to not good and homogeneous warming phase, i've crashed my amazing amoled (130€) to change middle frame (only 12€)....$@$*..i think that Samsung Galaxy S4 was really so simple to disassembly. S5 not so much...Samsung why??????

davide - Ответить

@Bogdan Georgescu and others asking about reassembly of the phone and what, if any adhesive is needed to adhere the new display.

Step 5 has a note listed as follows:

"There should be enough adhesive to readhere the panel upon reassembly, otherwise use a small amount of double-stick tape"

This is a very extensive guide. I have a job soon to replace the display and digitizer and was doing a bit of research ahead of time. I can't wait to put my new iFixit toolset to work!

-Dave from Ohio

David Scurlock - Ответить

I did it last night, totally ripped off my phone. only survival parts are the cameras and battery. I should start from top of the screen, disconnect cables from top.

James yin - Ответить

I need help

why my galaxy s5 in screen has one strip

Alik -

Thank you SOOO MUCH for this, you saved my ass! I just got this phone back in September and shattered the LCD part this past weekend. Because of your guide I have my phone back in service again! Now I just need to take it apart once more to reglue or tape it and maybe get a little sturdier case. Again, THANK YOU!!!

Laura Buske - Ответить

Using just a medium stiffness guitar pick and some boiled water in a bag wrapped in cloth I was able to do this tutorial. Thanks for the run through! But you don't need to buy the tools listed, such as the iOpener, spudger , or "opening pick".

Albert Onestone - Ответить

Anyone having touch screen only issues? There's not a single crack on screen, I've always treated the phone very well. I'm thinking whether I should replace the whole thing, but curiously only my touch screen is not working, display is OK and works well using SideSync. Also, the entire touch screen starts working at random times (I haven't been able to figure out the conditions, it's not hot/cold or pressure). In fact, it worked for a month after it started malfunctioning, and then got worse again. It's not software as I've tried multiple ones (currently back on stock Lollipop). Should I replace the whole thing?

victorvscn - Ответить

Same issue here. Touch isnt working, not a crack on the screen. Did you manage to resolve this?

Vitesh Singh -

How do I just fix a loose digitizer in the s5

Michael - Ответить

How do I just fix a loose digitizer?

Michael - Ответить

This is an incomplete writeup. If you're replacing the screen, where are the steps to actually separate the components from the screen? ! Worthless.

Ken Ticich - Ответить

There aren't any 'components' to detach from the screen on an S5. It has one plug in connector to the phones circuit board, and that's the item the photos show being detached, it's not like most other phones in as far as, the full screen assembly is as basic as it could be, one connection, and some double sided tape, and the home button ribbon too of course.

philpeacock -

How many days does it take to fix a cracked Samsung galaxy S5 screen since I sent my galaxy S5 phone to get my screen fixed yesterday?

Tre Mckay - Ответить

When I have the LCD detached from the frame finally, I found that I broke the flex cable for touching, so now the screen still can display but no touching support. Any ideas? thanks

Hui Xiong - Ответить

Glass only? My phone has a cracked screen - a car ran over it! I'd like to try replacing just the glass, not the digitizer, to minimize my investment in case the damage is bad. Would I follow the same steps, but somehow take the screen off the digitizer?

Karen Metschuleit - Ответить

you cant replace the glass alone you need to replace both the screen and digitizer

Brandon Pierrard -

I have an s5 with a badly cracked screen. Car ran over it. I would prefer to replace just the glass, not the entire LCD/digitizer assembly, in case there is other grievous damage. The phone does make the proper sounds on booting. Is this possible, or is the LCD permanently attached to the digitizer?

Karen Metschuleit - Ответить

I put a new lcd screen on it came on put when I went to turn it on again the screen is black but I can feel and hear the phone

Charlotte Jones - Ответить

Heat guns are much more efficient as there is a considerable amount of glue throughout the middle of the phone. Would recommend using a heat gun over the iOpener.

Harry Rowse - Ответить

Thank you for the advice. will definitely do this. i own a heatgun, not an IOpener, so less hardware to buy anyways.

Cameron Dawson -

Well it definitely worked but unfortunately it came off in quite a few pieces. the front glass remained in tact, all the ribbons and button bands are in tact, but the LCD and Backlight are thuroughly thrashed.

I think step one of this guide should definitely be changed to "Be Jesus Christ" since it seems like the only way to get that pesky digitizer and LCD up in one piece is by an act of pure magic.

Cameron Dawson -

Hair Dryer, Safety Razor & a small slotted screw driver!

Greg Hopper - Ответить

Thanks. These work really well.

Louis -

fantastic, your graphics are great.

vanlog vanlog - Ответить

can you buy the screen and display digitizer separate for a galaxy s5 g900 and if so where ?

Shan Foster - Ответить

It is possible to get them seperate, but the process for fixing them together is complicated. The touch panel is just the thinnest glass layer, and very very cheap from all sorts of places (I don't want to advertise any company names). But to make that glass stick to the LCD panel, requires special UV glue (a very thin glue that only becomes sticky when UV light is applied to it in the right amount) for the right length of time).

It's practically impossible to split your original glass from the LCD panel though - the UV glue is a one way thing, the LCD panel is so sensitive it will 99% break, and the touch glass is also about 1mm thick and very weak.

For that reason, most people just buy a complete screen, and make it into a 10 minute job to refit it.

philpeacock -

Please make sure that you have re-fed the home button cable through the chassis before you place and seal the new LCD + Digitizer unit onto the phone. If you are replacing the chassis too please beware and DO NOT forget to re-screw all 10 screws that fix the chassis to the motherboard before you place and seal the new LCD + Digitizer Unit. You don't want to know what made me post these two essential things you might forget. Let's say I'm suddenly very experienced at opening this phone ;)

Gwylan Scheeren - Ответить

I think one of the soft cable is half cut while replacing the screen. What shall I do now plz guide

Amanpreet Singh - Ответить

Can anyone help me?

1; I had my brother in law (IT guy) replace charger port in my S5 now screen will turn on but won’t work.

2; I was given another S5. (Bricked ) I think. Would it be easier to use screen/digitiser off bricked phone to put in my old phone or easier to swap mother board from my old phone to bricked phone?

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While Step 18 (soft button adhesives) wasn’t an issue with my phone, please note the following:

- The display adhesive is actually thin black rubber running along the entire perimeter of the phone. It is important to separate the adhesive from the display and not the phone.. or you’ll have a terrible time reattaching/replacing the display.

- The display also sticks to the phone in the middle (no rubber adhesive, just sticky). No step accounts for this, so be extra careful/slow pulling off the display. With enough clearance, you may need to insert a plastic prod between the display & middle of phone and gently help unstick the two.

- Up where the speaker, camera, & light-sensor are, the adhesive gets even thinner as it runs in-between said components. Be extremely careful/slow pulling it off the display. It may even separate from the phone too, but you can gently place it back along the perimeter as long as you ensured the rest of the adhesive remained stuck to the phone.


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- There is a “Step 21” if you intend to remove the home button & finger-print scanner. The home button also uses thin black rubber adhesive to attach it to the display. The finger-print scanner ribbon only sticks to display (no rubber adhesive). Again, be extra careful/slow pulling these off the display (with the plastic pick) while keeping the rubber adhesive attached to just the button.

- I used a hair dryer every now & then to loosen up the adhesive as well as to make it tacky during reattachment/replacement of the display.


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I had a S5 with a “display flickering green on low brightness” defect.

I used a heat gun to heat up the display, this way it was really easy to separate the display from the phone, even the middle glued part. Unfortunately, I think I applied too much force and broke the digitizer (not visibly, but no input was recognized afterwards), so be super careful pulling up the display, using the plastic openers as much as possible.

Make sure to remove the speaker grill and put it on the new display before reinstalling!

The display was then replaced with an original Samsung display (coming in a service pack, part AMS510CV01 REV 2.0), it came with preapplied glue and homebutton, worked flawless and the flickering on low brightness was gone.

After reinstalling, I reheated the display with the heat gun and applied mild pressure to all edges for 15 minutes, otherwise the display would not attach properly to the phone.

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hey guys I completed the installation of new screen/LCD no problems but the phone switches on but doesn't boot up completely I kept disconnecting the mother board connection and battery and after about 20 times it was up and running fine then my daughter complained that the front camera lens was dirty under the screen so I had to take apart again to clean now it's all back connected I'm getting the same issue with it switching on with the Samsung s5 logo it vibrates the then switches off and repeats any one got any ideas what to do I have had it working fine ??

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can any advice on my issues with boot up after 're connecting mother board

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I replaced the LCD and the screen turns on but won't respond to the touch. What did I do wrong?

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My original screen has a copper sheet on the back side.

My replacement screen has several sheets of metalized mylar and an outer layer that appears to be an insulating protective cover.

The instructions do not mention this difference.

I see the narrow piece of covering on the perimeter that protects the glue and will remove that. However, do I remove the 115mm x 65mm of similar material on the back to expose the gray metalized layer underneath it?

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Hello Guys,

I have a Korean Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, G906L, where I replaced the screen. Unfortunately on the motherboard, 4 pins fell off from the Display connector which is 56pin (2x28). Note, that in the Galaxy Prime this connector is different from the normal Galaxy S5 which has a 40pin connector (2x20).

The display does not turn on anymore, but the phone does, and if I connect the phone through the HDMI to a TV it works and I can use the touch screen by following what I see displayed on the TV.

Now, I would like to replace the LCD connector but I can’t find it anywhere on the internet. Can you help me out with this?

I would need the connector to be soldered on the Motherboard (not the one that goes in the FPC).



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