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In my years as a writer, I’ve found that my greatest strength comes in communicating clear ideas with people. My ability to revise and edit is particularly important in both expressing my own ideas and helping others to clearly communicate their own. I currently study at Eastern Washington University where, in addition to my pursuit of a minor in Technical Communications, I am seeking a major in Film, both subjects featuring a strong focus on collaborative effort in working towards a final product. As a sophomore at Eastern, I am in the fortunate position of already having gained a good deal of experience in self-expression and communication, while also having a long time ahead of me with which to gain greater experience working with professors and my fellow peers. Upon graduation, I hope to apply my existing skills, joined with my ever-evolving skills learned in the academic arena, to a career that will allow me to help or otherwise provide something for the populace at large. Be it creating or editing useful documents in the field of technical communication, or contributing to film as an art and entertainment form, my greatest ideal that I strive towards is ultimately to serve a useful purpose for as many people as possible.

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