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Toshiba Satellite 1805-S177 Troubleshooting

Note: This troubleshooting page covers all Toshiba Satellite 1805-S177.

Toshiba Satellite 1805-S177 won't turn on

You may be out of battery power. Check if power cord is plugged into the laptop. Also, Make sure the power plug is plugged into the wall. Check that both cord ends are plugged into the power adapter securely. Also, take out the battery and make sure that the connections are clean.

If the laptop continues to not turn on when plugged in, there may be problems with the battery charger or the power adapter. You may need to replace the battery or power adapter.

Battery Issues

If the battery quickly loses its charge when not plugged in to a power source, take the battery out and make sure the connections are clean by rubbing a pink eraser on the metal connections. If this does not help, you may need to purchase a new battery and replace the old one.

RAM Issues

If your computer beeps three times, try restarting by holding power button down until laptop powers down. Wait about 10 seconds and try turning back on. If the problem persists you may need to reinstall the operating system.

Hard Drive Issues

If you hear buzzing, or your computer freezes; your computer's hard drive may be going bad. Turn off computer by holding power button until the computer powers down. After a few seconds try turning it back on and backup anything you want to save immediately. If problems persist you may want to buy a new hard drive and see our page on how to replace it.

Track Pad Issues

Track pad stops working.

If your computer is still under warranty, try to have Toshiba replace it for you. Otherwise, see our page on how to take it apart.

Screen Issues

Screen appears not to work or is missing a color.

Turn the computer off and on again. If this does nothing try pressing (and releasing) the pin that senses closure of the lid (should be somewhere near the hinge). This resets the screen intensity to the level it was before going blank. If this doesn't work see our repair guide replacing the screen.

Keyboard Issues

Key(s) pressed are unresponsive.

Try using a keyboard cleaner to clean the spaces between the keys. If this doesn't work, remove the keyboard and clear any blockages. If the keys still are unresponsive, replace the keyboard. If the trackpad is also unresponsive, as well as the mouse, it could be a logic board problem, and the logic board will have to be replaced.

CD Drive Issues

The CD drive doesn't read non-corrupted CDs or DVDs.

If the computer is still registering that you have a CD drive, it is a problem with the drive itself, and it will have to be replaced. Use the repair manual to replace the CD drive. If the operating system doesn't register that you have a CD drive, you will need to reinstall the operating system by putting it on a USB stick and rebooting Windows.

USB Port Issues

The USB port doesn't read USB cables or drives.

This occurs because the logic board is not working correctly. Send in your Toshiba Laptop to Toshiba to get the logic board replaced.

Operating System Issues

If you are experiencing problems with Microsoft Windows XP, you may want to contact Windows. Follow this link to do so: http://support.microsoft.com/contactus/

If you feel comfortable with advanced troubleshooting in Windows, the following link may be helpful: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/308041

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