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A general purpose laptop released in 2010 with a 15.6" screen.

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Sound system is broken

My laptop sound won't work. I've disassembled the device and I strongly believe there's a problem with a diode or transistor, and since all sound hardware seems to be on board, I'm probably going to need to replace some of these small parts. Does anybody know of the schematics for this laptop?

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Here’s the schematics for the motherboard, found from this website.

Go to p.27-28 to find the audio circuits.

Have you checked that the headphone socket is OK and connected properly?

When headphones are plugged into the laptop an internal contact in the headphone socket signals the audio codec IC on the HP_Plug# lead (see p.28) to switch the audio away from the main speakers and connect it to the headphone socket. It may be that the headphone socket is faulty and that the audio output is being permanently directed to the socket but it just doesn’t get through it to the headphones. Worth checking first anyway, if only to eliminate the possibility.

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