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iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular, model no. A1475. Available in Space Gray or Silver, with 16/32/64/128 GB configurations.

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Panel replacement - outdated battery isolation method warning?

I am following the guide for front panel replacement and have so far managed to free the screen from the glue.

My problem is the guide has a warning (below) about the battery isolation pick procedure, which it says is outdated - can anyone advise of the new / preferred method or point me to a resource that can help?

“The battery isolation pick or battery blocker is an outdated way of isolating the battery, as you risk damaging the battery pins underneath the logic board. If you use this method, take extreme care to insert it gently and straight in the direction of the logic board. Do not twist or swing the pick side to side”

This is the guide I am following:

iPad Air LTE Front Panel Assembly Replacement

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Thanks for your reply. I’m not suite sure I know what you mean when you say

…in between the board and the frame…

What is the “frame”? Do you mean the chasis?

My original plan would be to slide the pick in underneath the board, between the board and the battery cable connector… I’m not sure what would be wrong with this process and even the updated isolation pick on sale by ifixit shows this same procedure:

Battery Isolation Pick – iFixit Store UK

Ah - ok, thinking about this I think you mean to prise up the board slightly at points adjacent to the connector. This is so the pic insert doesn’t damage the battery connections? Will this be enough to separate the battery cable and the connector?


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Rather than jam the pic in between the battery and the connector you should insert it on either side of the connector in between the board and the frame if that makes any sense.

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