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ASUS ROG G46VW Troubleshooting

Background Information and Identification

The ASUS ROG G46VW was released in late October, 2012. This laptop was the first 14” gaming notebook released by ASUS, and with the hardware on board it was the fastest gaming laptop of its size on the market. The G46VW won three awards after its release: the Good Design Award in Japan, and two CES awards for innovation and design.

The G46VW features any of three Intel Core processors: the i7 3630QM or the i5 3230M or 3210M. It also features a dual-fan exhaust system that vents from the back of the laptop. The screen of the laptop is a matte anti-glare material meant to reduce eye strain over long periods of time. The keyboard is backlit and the entire surface of the keyboard is cut from one piece of aluminum.

Additional Information


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