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If you are having trouble with the Bose Cinemate 10, try referring to the Troubleshooting Page.

Background and Identification

The Bose Cinemate 10 was released in 2014 and first listed on Amazon on November 17, 2014. The dimensions of the sound bar are 2 ½” wide, 12” depth, and 3 ¼” tall.

The speaker cannot be mounted on a wall as it is specifically designed for table top usage. The sound bar speaker system has a one year limited warranty. Common malfunctions experienced include, speaker system stops unexpectedly, LED light blinks or fails to light up at all. These malfunctions were not common enough to warrant product recall from Bose.

On inspection, the Cinemate 10 and Cinemate 15 appear to be nearly identical; however, the differences between the models are their prices and remote control styles. The Cinemate 10 sells on amazon from $399.99-499.00 whereas the Cinemate 15 ranges from $419.99-499.99. The two systems are fairly identical in regards to sound quality. However, the remotes included with each system vary slightly. The Cinemate 10 comes with a simple four button remote while the Cinemate 15 comes with a remote that resembles a TV remote.

Additional Information

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